TIME FOR MOVIES: Moonrise Kingdom & Ruby Sparks

Last weekend I finally get to watch two movies that I've been anticipating for a long time.  
First one,  Moonrise Kingdom from Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums,  Fantastic Mr. Fox).

I read A LOT about this movie (it seems every blogger has seen it!), and most of it were good reviews. Maybe that's why I had so great expectations or maybe I'm not cool enough to apreciate this kind of movie (yeah, I'm not perfect), but the truth is that I fell asleep... Luckily I watched it on the computer and I was able to resume it and end it later. In summary, I liked the aesthetic and the actors, but I was definitely expecting more from it.
This one, this one really got me! Ruby Sparks, from the directors of Little Miss Sunshine.

I loved the story, the music and the characters. It's funny, tender and sad at the same time.  A novelist finds out that one of his creations, the girl of his dreams, becomes real, with all the  consequences. Very nice, really, and I did not fall  asleep!

Have you seen any interesting movie lately?

Have a nice weekend, I'm out to the mountain with my love!


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