Hello family! The weekend is here, finally! And for some people, the beginning of Easter Holidays. I have to work,  but only until Wednesday so I'm not complaining.
I don't have too many plans for these days, but I guess my holidays will involve spending time with friends, some sunshine and fresh air.

A few days ago I stumbled upon this stunning video and I felt like I need some fresh air and lonely landscapes.

Have a nice weekend!



There are places in Barcelona that make us feel that time has stopped and traditions still linger. They are treasures that I hope last forever.

Stumbling upon “Casa Gispert”, was the gift of the weekend. Walking down Sombrerers street, we arrived at number 23. A welcoming atmosphere pervades the place, where the eyes do not know where to look. There is such a variety of products exhibited. If you look at each product in detail you can spend hours there…

On their website you will find the history of this establishment that was founded over 160 years ago, the peculiarity of their old oven and the prizes they awarded.

Things you can find there: nuts, oils and vinegar, herbs and spices, coffee, tea and infusions, wine, chocolates, honey, jams, sauces, juices, cookies, nougat, salt, sugar...

 Ah! We bought raw almonds and licorice, they are delicious!

 See you soon!



A few months ago, I attended to the opening of Sweet Fifties, the first american bakery in Lleida. 

Here you can see some pictures of the opening day I've found on their facebook.

I'm the one with blue shirt  :-P
Is a very comfy place.  I've been there several times since the opening and not only to eat cupcakes. They also make cakes (carrot cake is the yummiest), brownies, toasts... and you can take it away too.

Last weekend I made myself a delicious gift, as you can see...

The golden one is made of Ferrero Rocher, the pink one with little stars is made of Petit Suisse and the one in top left is made of raspberry, chocolate and cheese... They all were delicious!
In the picture you can see there's a cupcake with a blue feather. In our country it's a tradition to eat a special cake the first monday after Easter, "la Mona". It is usually a chocolate or butter cake with fruits, feathers and a chocolate egg on top.  In Sweet Fifties, have made a little mona-cupcake like this one:

Sorry for the quality of the pictures,  I left my camera and I used my phone
 (and no, I don't have an iPhone)

I must say I didn't eat the four cupcakes, I had to share them ;-P

Sweet Fifties, 
Carrer Bisbe Ruano 1, 
(open daily until  21h)

See you, 



Last Sunday we did a family trip to MÓN SANT BENET.
Món Sant Benet is a cultural and tourist project, located near to Barcelona, at more or less 60km from Barcelona. There you will find a medieval monastery next to an innovative center of research in international cuisine, all in a natural place ideal for children and adults. It was a sunny spring day…

In Món Sant Benet you can do lots of activities. Visit the monastery and the Alicia Foundation (Food and Science), that is a research food center which has an advisory council chaired by the chef Ferran Adrià and the advice of the cardiologist Valentin Fuster.
Món Sant Benet fuses world of medieval art, nature and cuisine to create a proposal for leisure and culture attractive for all ages.

In Món Sant Benet they do weddings for both civil and religious ceremonies.
In their shop you will find fantastic Catalan food products.

There is a four star hotel, Hotel Món.
In the area there are three restaurants: the Món restaurant, the Angle restaurant and La Fonda restaurant. We had lunch at La Fonda. We had a menu of 25 Euros with drinks and coffee included.

You can make many family activities, school visits, workshops, guided tours for groups in the Monastery and in the Alícia Foundation.

Sure, a good plan for a Sunday, or even a mini family vacation.

See you soon!




"Vinc d'un mar, d'uns verds i uns blaus dels més clars que he vist mai...." (I come from a sea with the clearest blues and greens I've ever seen) From Tots els colors  of Maria Coma

Tots els colors by Maria Coma on Grooveshark 

Monday needs music and some inspiration....Today two songs in our language, hope you like it!

Everytime I listen to this song of Maria Coma, images of turquoise seas like the picture easily come to my mind... Whishing for holidays!

On the other hand,  Mishima has released a new album and a new video. Here it is.




Rainy days are coming, finally! I really like them. 
Umbrellas and katiuskas are a "must have" for this season. 

So today I want to share with you two rain outfits. 
The first one is a little "british". The second one is more colorful, because rainy days doesn't need to be grey!

Hope you like it ;-P
Rainy days

Rainy days 2

Rainy days 2 por normalsoup




Last saturday I found this  Baked Raspberry Pancake recipe on Pinterest (I must warn you: if you see the pictures, you will be craving for some pancakes immediately!).
I've never made pancakes before, and I used strawberries instead of raspberries. This is the result, they were so yummy!

You will need: 
  • 400 ml milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup normal flour
  • 1/4 cup melted butter or olive oil
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence or powder

Pre-heat oven to 200-225 C.
Using wooden spoon or egg whisker, quickly mix everything in a bowl until well combined (about 1 min).
Pour the mixture into a baking dish lined with parchment paper. Make sure it is not too thick.
Sprinkle some strawberry  or chocolate and sugar on top.
Bake for about 20-30 min or until brown.

I served it with strawberry jam and some agave syrup, but I think that some cream would be a good option!

Bon appetit!!



Good morning!

Finally I have a photo of the homemade soap, dried and cut. We cut the pieces in a not regular way.
In the background you can see the tub with liquid soap.

I've started to use it, putting a tablespoon of liquid soap into the washer, in the same place where you put clothes.

Well, if you have any questions ask whatever you  want!




Hi everyone!! What have you done this weekend? I've been trying new cooking recipes,  celebrating St. Patrick's Day and meeting Marina, finally! I guess you 'll have more information in the next posts this week...

I also have been listening to these two songs a lot. Hope you like it!

Have a lovely day!



It's Friday, finally! For me this means that tomorrow I would be able to sleep longer, I need it so much...
Today I want to share with you some magical and dreamy pictures of Maia Flore. They belong  to a photographic series called "Sleep Elevations" where we can see female subjects sleep peacefully while different objects float them in the air ...

You can see more of her work in her website http://www.maiaflore.com/

Wish you all a great weekend and sweet dreams!



To walk through the Born district,  in Barcelona city,  is a good activity for the curious people. Cafes, shops, craft workshops, the terraces of the “Passeig del Born”… Barcelona has in this neighborhood the historical part of the city and the new trends businesses. You'll find a  great variety of products in its shops. Born is in fashion and you can feel it in the atmosphere!
If you want to go there without being surrounded by tourists, you must visit in the morning, a sunny spring day would be perfect! You will find a quiet neighborhood with narrow streets and shops of young artisans converted into trend. In the evening, this labyrinth of streets becomes bohemian and multicultural. Bars and pubs open their doors with music and cocktails that invite you to live the nightlife.
You cannot avoid seeing the square “El Fossar de les Moreres”, which commemorates the memory of Catalan people who died during the siege of Barcelona in 1714, during the War of Spanish Succession, when Catalan laws and freedoms were abolished  under the absolutist Bourbon regime.
And you must also visit Santa Maria del Mar, the Gothic church built between 1329 and 1383. It doesn't matter if you are a believer or not, it's stunning! I get excited every time I go there.

The last weekend, while we were walking through this neighborhood, we stopped in front of a shop that immediately caught my attention. The store in question is called IVO&CO. I found it charming. If you like the vintage stuff you will find a variety of products in this style. Furniture, lamps, dishes, dolls, ornaments ... all vintage with a cheerful air. I fell in love with an industrial style lamp and some precious crystal glasses.

Their website it’s still under construction: http://www.ivoandco.com/
Go there, it's worth!

Rec Street, Low 2A
Phone: 93 268 33 31
Metro L4, Jaume I stop.
Monday to Saturday from 11.00 to 15.00h and 17.00h to 21.00h.

See you soon!



This music post goes a little bit later...
We spent our last weekend in the beach. It was our first time since 2012 started, and we missed so much the sea!
Nice weather, sun showers and beach walking, it was perfect, even though the water was freezing!

Let's play some music!

Have a lovely week,



A few days ago, watching the fantastic tv show "Òpera en texans," (Opera in jeans) in TV3 (Catalan television), I found an interesting shop. "Opera en texans" shows you in a clear way how opera goes (I recommend you watch a program, but only  If you understand Catalan language… for the moment there is no translation).That day they were talking  about the opera Madama Butterfly.

Puccini explained in this opera the love between an army officer of the United States and a Japanese girl, called Cio-Cio-San, known as Butterfly too. For her it was a true love, for him was nothing more than a passing adventure abroad... Such a dramatic and passionate story.

The TV program makes a great visual game between American and Japanese life. The Japanese life takes place in a shop on "carrer La Palla, 6" in Barcelona.

The store is called NUNOYA. This little shop is full of Japanese fabrics of all colors and patterns. The fabric is high quality 100% cotton. You can also find other modern patterns, not only  flower prints.

They can make you a Kimono with the fabric you choose, for 70 Euros, with an obi (belt) not included in the price. They also have socks "Tabi" to wear with sandals.
They sell pieces or  packs. That  allows you  to buy fabric for any craft you have on your mind.

Usually the fabric is sold by meters, but we can find remnants of different sizes and prices. 10 cm x 10 cm, such as:

Or 20 cm x 35 cm, see an example on these photos.

Or 50 cm x 55 cm:

All photos via NUNOYA

On their website you will find all the information and products. They have an online shop, but is infinitely better to go there in person!

Bye, or sayonara.



Today is a special day.... Today this lady goes 29! 

Hope you have a magical and wonderful day!!




If you want to eat delicious pizza or pasta dish in Barcelona, you should go right now to Pizzeria Briciola.
This small pizzeria-trattoria, owned by two Milanese man since 1989, opens its doors in the heart of Sants neighborhood, near the pretty Plaza Botticelli.

Our friends took pizza: a four cheeses pizza (mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola and emmental) and tirolese pizza (tomato, mozzarella, speck (smoked ham), mushrooms and gorgonzola).
Albert also chose a four cheese pizza too. I ate spaghetti with pesto sauce (spaghetti, pesto sauce and parmesan cheese).
All we were satisfied with the dishes chosen. I was very fed, I'm not used to eating too much at night...
So… a totally recommended restaurant!

Good food, good service and appropriate prices make it a perfect place to spend an evening with friends, family or your partner.

See you soon!



Last weekend we made soap at home! We used to make  this soap at home when I was a child, but not now. I don't understand why because it is cheap and it really works!
We have been picking oil used for cooking until we had enough to make soap.

To make soap at home is not complicated, you just need:

You can do two kind of soap: liquid soap or solid tablets.
The ingredients are:

For Liquid soap (you can make about 5 liters):

- 4l water
- ½ of fabric softener
- ½ liters of strain used sunflower oil
- 125 ml of strain used olive oil
- 300g of caustic soda

For Soap solid tablets (you can make about 2 kg):

- 143 ml of water
- 500 ml of strain used sunflower oil
- 71g of caustic soda

Be careful! Use gloves and do not smell it much!

The day before, mix water and soda. We mixed it and left it until the next day because the liquids had to dissolve and cool (the soda and water mixture becomes warm at the beginning).

The next day, add  fabric softener and  oil to the mixture, and mix it all. That's it!

You have to mix it with an electric mixer once a day during 7 or 8 days in case of making liquid soap, and 3 days in case of making soap tablets.

The liquid soap can get into a container or a bottle after  7 or 8 days.

For the soap tablets you can put the mixture in a container on the second day, you'll see that it is hardening. When it’s hard, but not entirely, cut it into portions.

This is a great soap to wash clothes and a way to recycle at the same time!
Now I have no pictures of the result, but I will have them when the soap is ready.

See you soon!



Good morning!
The Shins are back!! This is the first video from their new album "Port of Morrow".  

The second song is an old one from Sufjan Stevens. I love it and I think the images are perfect for this time of year.

Have a lovely day!



I'm going to talk  to you about the wedding again.

Today I'll explain you about our rings. I leave you some pictures of the rings we chose. The first is the
engagement one, which Albert gave me with the request included! It was very sentimental, but I’m not going to tell you the details, it’s our secret ... haha


In the second picture you can see our wedding rings. We chose a simple shape. We explained our idea to a jewelery maker that makes handmade jewelry, and she did this perfect pieces.

Well, I hope this inspire someone who is hearing wedding bells in his or her mind...

This year we are invited to two weddings
by the moment. Great! We really want to go there and enjoy being guests!
Rosó and Sebastià! Congratulations Mercè and Jaume!See you soon!  



New trends come from Brazil. You know that new trends begin there and come here months later. I’m a privileged girl because I have a piece of  this country so close to me, more than I ever imagined...

I have a friend that it’s my aunt too, who is from there, from Rio de Janeiro. Renata, her name, and I have in common our love for crafts that actually allows us to transform our creativity in real things. It's funny how  creating small things by our hand, renews our spirit!

In her case, if you join this creativity with a Brazilian heart and Catalan savoir-faire, the result are these fantastic necklaces.

There are thousands of color combinations, don’t you find them gorgeous!?

Don’t forget the warm weather is approaching, coats off, shirt and brown skin... these colors are flattering!
You can wear them alone or combined with any necklace that was forgotten in your drawers, and you can return them to life as new.

I ensure you that the quality is very professional.
If you want to purchase these beautiful necklaces contact:

She will answer any of your questions.
See you soon!

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