A few days ago, watching the fantastic tv show "Òpera en texans," (Opera in jeans) in TV3 (Catalan television), I found an interesting shop. "Opera en texans" shows you in a clear way how opera goes (I recommend you watch a program, but only  If you understand Catalan language… for the moment there is no translation).That day they were talking  about the opera Madama Butterfly.

Puccini explained in this opera the love between an army officer of the United States and a Japanese girl, called Cio-Cio-San, known as Butterfly too. For her it was a true love, for him was nothing more than a passing adventure abroad... Such a dramatic and passionate story.

The TV program makes a great visual game between American and Japanese life. The Japanese life takes place in a shop on "carrer La Palla, 6" in Barcelona.

The store is called NUNOYA. This little shop is full of Japanese fabrics of all colors and patterns. The fabric is high quality 100% cotton. You can also find other modern patterns, not only  flower prints.

They can make you a Kimono with the fabric you choose, for 70 Euros, with an obi (belt) not included in the price. They also have socks "Tabi" to wear with sandals.
They sell pieces or  packs. That  allows you  to buy fabric for any craft you have on your mind.

Usually the fabric is sold by meters, but we can find remnants of different sizes and prices. 10 cm x 10 cm, such as:

Or 20 cm x 35 cm, see an example on these photos.

Or 50 cm x 55 cm:

All photos via NUNOYA

On their website you will find all the information and products. They have an online shop, but is infinitely better to go there in person!

Bye, or sayonara.



  1. Anyone have any ideas to do with Japanese fabric, besides making kimonos?

  2. Hi! I'm going to look for a craft to do with this fabric. I'll tell you soon.

    Thank you!


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