The brand new iPhone 5 it’s been in stores for some weeks (yes, I’m late). For those like me, who don’t have much idea of the difference between iPhone 5 and the previous edition (besides the fact that iPhone 5 it’s thinner and taller), I will explain what Apple people tell us about the differences.

It’s 7.6 mm thick (18% thinner than the 4S), weighs 112 grams (20% lighter than the previous version). The resolution is 326 pixels per inch, like the previous device: it’s the 'Retina' display. And what ‘Retina’ means? It means that this display has much more resolution, so you can’t see the pixels of the screen. Think about when you approach very close to you TV screen, there you can see the pixels, but in the iPhone ‘Retina’ screen it’s impossible to see the pixels. So I think, why they don’t call it ‘No Retina’?! ;)

The creators say that with this new size we can see one more row of icons.
However you should know that applications designed for older iPhones will not be rescaled to the new screen, so we will see them with two black bars at the sides of the screen. So, why this? It seems we are going back, that's not improving the phone! Wrong impression! The improvement is in the new proportions 16:9 (wide 16 times and 9 times high), a standard of video, that will let us watch videos in entire screen without black stripes.

Another important development is the operating system iOS6, which is incorporated, but does not include the Google maps (what!!? Apparently Mr. Google and Mr. Apple are not friends).

The new model also includes a data connection "ultra fast" but that does not work in Spain because our Telefònica (the Spanish data supplier) friends are still trying this technology…
And it has a new processor, Apple's A6, which is twice faster and 22% smaller than its predecessor.

There are also changes in the camera: it still being an 8 megapixel sensor, but is 25% smaller and include more features. A new way to photograph, "Dynamic low light" would do more good pictures without using the flash, and other enhancements such as a more intelligent filter that improve image quality. Generally, photos are captured 40% faster (that's good!). The iPhone 5 also incorporates a panorama mode for taking panorama pictures (cool! I look silly with the Dermandar app, spinning like a robot ...)

The charger cable, also has changed: Apple replaces the current (30-pin) connector for a smaller one (9-pin), called the ‘Lightning’. This makes old accessories obsolete, but the company sells an adapter. Please! And why this change???!! The good news is you can connect the cable  on both sides, without having to find the connector draw.

Other improvements: the voice calls, the new iPhone includes 3 different microphones, one in front, one behind and one below, and a noise cancellation system.

Once you have this little preciousness, you need to think about how protect it from crashes and scratches with a case.

Well, once I've reviewed the iPhone 5 improvements, I leave you some pictures of covers and cases. Choose one and be fashion!

Here is Plegit, from Quirky, that produces this fantastic case. On their website you will see in detail this original idea. This case allow us to change some parts and have different colors, saving the phone against scratches at the same time.




Society6: There are 100 pages of cases! Drawings, images, colors...!


Looking for something thin and lighter? here you have Reveal case. Beautiful, and effective

OVRMLD Molded Case it's flexible but hard, good protection and modern design. 


Organic Wool Sleeve is a case that you can find on Etsy. It’s made of felt, I have one like this, done by myself!!


DODO iPhone Wallet it’s a case that looks like a wallet. The  DODO designers make very beautiful objects for smartphones and computers.


And the last one, Reveal Case, with this kind of cases, with textures, colors and prints like this! 

Oh! I wont miss this one!! wear condoms on the wallet it's over! :) This is Playa Case.

If you know something more about iPhone 5 and you want share it with us, please, let us know!!

See you soon!



A few days ago, I found this cute website: Cerabella. It caught my attention because they make candles with unusual designs,  modern and elegant. My husband Albert likes all kind of candles, so one day I want to take him to some of the three Cerabella stores in Barcelona. I want to buy him a candle, but it will be difficult to choose only one!

These candles are made ​​generation after generation since 1865, when Francesca Abella, went from his little town in the north of Catalonia to the Raval, a district of Barcelona. There she began doing and selling candles. Almost 150 years later, Cerabella is a referent in this kind of industry.

I let you some pictures with different models.

I love this candle in pasta shape. It's a very original idea and typical of Catalonia (yes! This is really typical, not the Mexican hats that some people sell in la Rambla...!).

Here are some samples of decorative candles for special occasions such as weddings...

Even candles inspired by the children and their celebrations.

They also do handmade personalized creations. They can make candles with the shape and size, color and fragrance that you prefer, and even with personalized text.

Nice, right?!







Today I want to share with you another recipe. The cheff is my mother, who has made quince paste! And she took the pictures too ;-P
Quince paste is a delicious dessert if you eat it with cheese, or you can eat it with bread any time of the day when hunger attacks. Typically, the quince is also used to make quince marzipan.

The recipe:

With 10 or 12 quince fruit you can do about 2 kg of quince paste.
The most difficult work is to peel and slice the quinces because this fruit is very hard, a lot!

Once peeled and cut as the picture shows, we have to weigh the quince. For every kilo of cut quince add ¾kg of sugar and a little cup of water.
Mix it all with a spoon and boil it. When it starts boiling, low the fire and let it cook for 1 hour and 45 minutes exactly.

After this time we will have the characteristic red color of quince.

With the mixer pulverize it until it is thick and grainy. Put it into molds and let it cool completely.

The quince paste can be freeze to conserve it, covered with plastic wrap.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed it  ;)



Hi everyone!! How was your weekend?
Mine was peaceful, perfect! I really needed a weekend for me.  
Apart from this, at this time of year I should be really excited with all the Christmas stuff, planning to start decorating my home with lights and candles. But this year, because of the carpenter who is really late with all the kitchen furniture, where there should be candles and snowmen I have packages of macaroni and rice, and there's no space for the tree! I really think my carpenter is the Grinch!

Well, let's play some music. This one always gets me in the right mood:

And If you want to be a litlle melancolic, this one is perfect for you..

Have a nice day!!



A few months ago I found a blog with a very curious craft. It was a homemade scratch off (like in some games or lotteries). I thought it would be fun to do a scratch off for the invisible friend game this Christmas. Invisible friend it’s a game some people do on Christmas, giving a present to a friend who don’t know who will make him the present. Some days or weeks before Christmas you have to choose a paper with the name of the person at whom you have to buy the present. So I did the scratch off last week and I think it was pretty good! We had a great time discovering our invisible friend.

This  is the blog where I saw the idea. There are all the instructions and materials in English. Anyway, I will tell you what I did.

I needed:

Red cardboard, printed text (the name of the persons who participate in the game), scissors, glue stick, sticky back plastic (contact paper), metallic acrylic paint (preferably silver) (I found mine in Tiger shops, but you will find it in many craft stores), and washing liquid.
If you visit the blog you can see materials and procedure. I did a variation, instead of the name of each person I put the photo. I added some drawings using Picmonkey (a website that is great for editing photos, very easy to use).

How I did it:

First I cut cardboard squares of about 6x6 cm. I stick the photos on the cardboard (size 5x5 cm each photo). I cover everything with paper cover books. I applied a mixture of paint with a few drops of dishwashing soap (this makes the paint leaves better when we scratch it). I did about three layers (do not put the next until the paint is completely dry).  

I dried each layer with a hair dryer. 

So it looks like this:

Do you like it? It's an entertaining job, but very original! My family loved it!

Good invisible friend to everyone!



Today I want to share with you another recipe. This is also homemade, ecological, economic, handmade, healthy... and all those adjectives that are so good this days!

I’ll teach you how to make pineapple juice or peach juice. With only tree ingredients and a little work you will have homemade juice, packaged to last for a long time.

Let's go step by step. You need empty bottles of glass similar at the ones that are in the picture, with a size of 250 cl or 300 cl.

The proportions to make pineapple juice:

To make 25 bottles of 250 cl each, you’ll need 4 pineapples.

The proportions to make peach juice:

To make 25 bottles of 250 cl each, you’ll need 10 kg of peaches.

The preparation is the same for both types of drink:

Peel and cut the fruit. Put it in a pot. For every kg of peel fruit add 3/4L of bottled water and between 100g and 150g of sugar (it’s up to your taste).

Let it boil slowly during one hour with the pot covered.
And we have the juice made! Now we have to remove the pulp.

Remove the juice and pulverize the pulp until it is very thin. Join this with the juice again. Then strain this mixture. The result is the juice without pulp but with texture.

Put the juice inside the bottles and close the lid. In order to preserve it for a long time, fill a pot of tap water and dip in the bottles. Let it boil for a minute and take them away of the water.

Et voila! Easy, right? I hope you try to do it, it's worth it!

See you soon!



There are some interesting movies I want to watch (if they ever come to my town and the world doesn't end this 2012!).

First one, the most original and funny story about zombies, Warm Bodies. R, is a teen zombie who suddenly falls for a girl. Watch the trailer, so funny, really!

Now we talk about  Cloud Atlas. Six stories,  each one with a different protagonist that show us "how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future".  Well, a litle mess,  but  with actors like Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Halle Berry among others playing  more than one character. Here you have a 5 minutes trailer!

And the last one, The Host, based on the novel with the same name by the author of Twilight. I've read the book and it's great!  




Today a technology post!
I want to talk to you about Tripneter. Tripneter is a technological solution designed and developed by three young engineers from Barcelona. It is a device designed for travelers and foreign tourists who want to have Internet on their Smartphones without suffer the roaming bills. For a fee of 4.99 Euros per day, tourists have 250 MB connection to operate throughout Spain.

The truth is that the first thing any tourist does when his plane arrives at the airport is turn off their mobile data system, so this three engineers offer to the consumers the possibility to rent minirouters for 5 Euros per day without any contract.

And they have succeeded! During the past summer reached 300 contracts per month.
Consumers can reserve their device via web (indicating the address of the hotel where they stay), or directly rent it in the stand of Barcelona Tourism in Plaça Catalunya square.

When I read news like this I realize that there are always solutions for everything, so there are people creating, doing and succeeding!

Find more info here.



Hi people! How was you weekend?
I was hoping that by this point  I'd have the kitchen ready... ha! That means I'm having all my meals out. But also means I'm spending more time with family and friends ;-P

So today, music goes for them.

 Last saturday night I met with some friends for diner, and this song appeared, great version!This one is for  you!

And this one is for Silvia, she introduced me to this band.

Last one, for Marina. It's been a while since our last meeting, and I miss you!

Have a nice day!



The Shopping Night Barcelona is a unique, festive, nightlife, shopping and lifestyle experience in one of the most unique locations in Barcelona: Passeig de Gràcia street.

Establishments of Passeig de Gràcia open their doors out of hours, from 20h to 1h-on Thursday November 22, 2012, with the intention of reissuing for the 3rd time the most exclusive festive shopping experience in Barcelona. Live music, fashion, make up, photocalls… and a lot of suprises are waiting!

Here is the video of the 2011 edition.

Find more info here.



NEW YORK! Again!
On August last year, Albert and I stayed 15 days in New York city during our vacations. Those fifteen days were amazing! (With a hurricane included!) One of the best trips we have done. We were tourists in a relaxed way, because we had enough time. However, we still missed lots of things to see there!

When we travel we like to walk, look at everything again and again, experience the city and not wasting a moment. We are always very tired at the end of the day, but it worth it! And now we have the opportunity to go there again!

A very close friend of us will be living there for two years. He is there since August, and now we'll go to visit him. We will spend a week in his home! We are very happy to see him and the city again. People say that New York has something special, and we agree…

I’m telling you all this because I’m planning to visit some craft shops in New York, and I already have a good list: papersources, book stores, fabrics, art materials ... I have heard that there are lots craft stores... it’s fantastic! 

Well, when I come back I'll tell you what I've seen, where I've been and what I've found.

Photo via



A few days ago, searching on Internet, I found a route through the best wool shops pf Barcelona. I want to do this route soon, before Christmas, because I want to buy some wool soon  and I want to see what's in these stores, the quality and the prices.

I leave you the list of stores if you want take a look!



Last weekend, JJ and I made a little trip to the mountains. We spend the weekend in  Guardiola de Berguedà  in a lovely rural house, Cal Companyó

The house is surrounded by beautiful woods, a perfect place for hiking, archery, horse riding and mushroom hunting! We followed the advice of the owners, and took a litlle path trough the woods that leaded us to some old oil mines, now abandoned and turned into a museum.
The visit  (helmet included) was very interesting, not only to learn about the local history but also to meet the little creatures that live in this singular habitat: salamanders, bats and, the most interesting one, a bacteria that eats oil and is currently being studied by biologists.

But the loveliest thing was the walk through the woods, all the trees dressed with fall colors...

A perfect weekend getaway...




Today, I want to talk to you about two meetings for the craft lovers in Barcelona city.
The first one is “Fira Creativa”.  It's been a year since the last edition, but it seems it was yesterday... Last year Mònica and I went there and we loved it. I'm going to repeat this year, because I'm in Barcelona that weekend. The event is on 29th and 30th November, and 1st and 2nd of December. You can find a wide variety of craft materials, patchwork, cupcakes, sewing machines, fabrics, skrapbooking, craft tools... I do not remember very well the price of admission, but it was not too expensive. Find all the info (timing, prices, where it is, how to get there ...) in:

Here we are Mònica and I on the last edition of Fira Creativa...

And the second one is “Festivalet”. I've never gone there and this year it will be impossible again :.(
This year there will be three sections. One with artists showing their products, another section with gourmet food and snacks, and the last one with craft material. It will be on 15th and 16th of December. For more info click here.



Good morning!

How was your weekend? My kitchen is slowly taking shape. We have the walls and the floor ready and now we have to paint  and wait for the furniture. 
That means my home right now is a mess, so we decided to take the weekend off and go to the mountains, and it's been great! I'll tell you more during the week...

Oh, Foster the People! Aren't they great?



TIME FOR MOVIES: Moonrise Kingdom & Ruby Sparks

Last weekend I finally get to watch two movies that I've been anticipating for a long time.  
First one,  Moonrise Kingdom from Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums,  Fantastic Mr. Fox).

I read A LOT about this movie (it seems every blogger has seen it!), and most of it were good reviews. Maybe that's why I had so great expectations or maybe I'm not cool enough to apreciate this kind of movie (yeah, I'm not perfect), but the truth is that I fell asleep... Luckily I watched it on the computer and I was able to resume it and end it later. In summary, I liked the aesthetic and the actors, but I was definitely expecting more from it.
This one, this one really got me! Ruby Sparks, from the directors of Little Miss Sunshine.

I loved the story, the music and the characters. It's funny, tender and sad at the same time.  A novelist finds out that one of his creations, the girl of his dreams, becomes real, with all the  consequences. Very nice, really, and I did not fall  asleep!

Have you seen any interesting movie lately?

Have a nice weekend, I'm out to the mountain with my love!



Today we talk about flowers, bouquets and Bornay!

I love flowers, especially peonies, in all colors. It is the most beautiful flower in the world! It’s very difficult to make them grow up, but really worth it. Now we have a peony plant on the balcony and we're waiting anxiously for  May to come and watch it blooms.

I let you two videos. The first one teaches us how to make a bouquet mixing typical garden plants with other beautiful flowers (carnations, I think). Makes a nice effect, don’t you think?

The second one is a promotional video of Bornay. I've already spoken to you about Bornay on the blog. They made my bridal bouquet (which I consider gorgeous!). They have a completely different concept of floral decoration. We are lucky to have them close, in Barcelona. Please, visit their web where their creations are exposed! This weekend I saw one of their works in the hall of the hotel W Barcelona, and it's amazing!

Bornay regularly organizes workshops for those who want to learn the basics of this art. Those who are interested in attending, please go to this link that gives you more info.



New edition of Links Loved:

And that's all,



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