Today a technology post!
I want to talk to you about Tripneter. Tripneter is a technological solution designed and developed by three young engineers from Barcelona. It is a device designed for travelers and foreign tourists who want to have Internet on their Smartphones without suffer the roaming bills. For a fee of 4.99 Euros per day, tourists have 250 MB connection to operate throughout Spain.

The truth is that the first thing any tourist does when his plane arrives at the airport is turn off their mobile data system, so this three engineers offer to the consumers the possibility to rent minirouters for 5 Euros per day without any contract.

And they have succeeded! During the past summer reached 300 contracts per month.
Consumers can reserve their device via web (indicating the address of the hotel where they stay), or directly rent it in the stand of Barcelona Tourism in Pla├ža Catalunya square.

When I read news like this I realize that there are always solutions for everything, so there are people creating, doing and succeeding!

Find more info here.


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