The brand new iPhone 5 it’s been in stores for some weeks (yes, I’m late). For those like me, who don’t have much idea of the difference between iPhone 5 and the previous edition (besides the fact that iPhone 5 it’s thinner and taller), I will explain what Apple people tell us about the differences.

It’s 7.6 mm thick (18% thinner than the 4S), weighs 112 grams (20% lighter than the previous version). The resolution is 326 pixels per inch, like the previous device: it’s the 'Retina' display. And what ‘Retina’ means? It means that this display has much more resolution, so you can’t see the pixels of the screen. Think about when you approach very close to you TV screen, there you can see the pixels, but in the iPhone ‘Retina’ screen it’s impossible to see the pixels. So I think, why they don’t call it ‘No Retina’?! ;)

The creators say that with this new size we can see one more row of icons.
However you should know that applications designed for older iPhones will not be rescaled to the new screen, so we will see them with two black bars at the sides of the screen. So, why this? It seems we are going back, that's not improving the phone! Wrong impression! The improvement is in the new proportions 16:9 (wide 16 times and 9 times high), a standard of video, that will let us watch videos in entire screen without black stripes.

Another important development is the operating system iOS6, which is incorporated, but does not include the Google maps (what!!? Apparently Mr. Google and Mr. Apple are not friends).

The new model also includes a data connection "ultra fast" but that does not work in Spain because our Telefònica (the Spanish data supplier) friends are still trying this technology…
And it has a new processor, Apple's A6, which is twice faster and 22% smaller than its predecessor.

There are also changes in the camera: it still being an 8 megapixel sensor, but is 25% smaller and include more features. A new way to photograph, "Dynamic low light" would do more good pictures without using the flash, and other enhancements such as a more intelligent filter that improve image quality. Generally, photos are captured 40% faster (that's good!). The iPhone 5 also incorporates a panorama mode for taking panorama pictures (cool! I look silly with the Dermandar app, spinning like a robot ...)

The charger cable, also has changed: Apple replaces the current (30-pin) connector for a smaller one (9-pin), called the ‘Lightning’. This makes old accessories obsolete, but the company sells an adapter. Please! And why this change???!! The good news is you can connect the cable  on both sides, without having to find the connector draw.

Other improvements: the voice calls, the new iPhone includes 3 different microphones, one in front, one behind and one below, and a noise cancellation system.

Once you have this little preciousness, you need to think about how protect it from crashes and scratches with a case.

Well, once I've reviewed the iPhone 5 improvements, I leave you some pictures of covers and cases. Choose one and be fashion!

Here is Plegit, from Quirky, that produces this fantastic case. On their website you will see in detail this original idea. This case allow us to change some parts and have different colors, saving the phone against scratches at the same time.




Society6: There are 100 pages of cases! Drawings, images, colors...!


Looking for something thin and lighter? here you have Reveal case. Beautiful, and effective

OVRMLD Molded Case it's flexible but hard, good protection and modern design. 


Organic Wool Sleeve is a case that you can find on Etsy. It’s made of felt, I have one like this, done by myself!!


DODO iPhone Wallet it’s a case that looks like a wallet. The  DODO designers make very beautiful objects for smartphones and computers.


And the last one, Reveal Case, with this kind of cases, with textures, colors and prints like this! 

Oh! I wont miss this one!! wear condoms on the wallet it's over! :) This is Playa Case.

If you know something more about iPhone 5 and you want share it with us, please, let us know!!

See you soon!


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