Hello everyone! Did you all have a merry christmas?

I did! And I went to the cinema too, I finally went to see The Hobbit and I enjoyed it like a child! I know there are "extra" scenes and a strange wizard that runs with a sleigh (?) but to see the Middle Earth again, and some of the magical characters from the LOTR, it's always a pleasure.

Well, now we talk about music. Today I want to share with you my latest musical discoveries of this year.

First one, Dan Croll:

And the second one,  Alt-J. I highly recommend this album if you're looking for something  different, like their videos.

Have a wonderful new year's eve!!
See you on 2013!



First of all, Happy Holidays!

These are days to celebrate. Between dinners with family, friends and colleagues, we have the perfect excuse to dress up and wear all our sparkling clothes and high heels.
Today I want to share with you two outfits for all these special occasions (don't forget New Year's Eve is just around the corner!). I hope you like it!


Mango cropped t shirt
€23 -

H M mini skirt
€18 -

Pull&Bear studded shoes
€49 -

Zara handbag
€53 -

Zara shell necklace
€15 -

Forever 21 chain bracelet
€9,69 -

Kat von d
€14 -

Opi nail polish
€42 -


Mango long dress
€145 -

GUESS flat shoes
€83 -

Zara box clutch
€68 -

Dorothy Perkins sparkly bracelet
€20 -

Amrita singh
€76 -

Sephora collection
€9,08 -

Black nail polish
€17 -



This is a delicious recipe: little cakes of puff pastry and chocolate cream. Pictures look so yummy, but you can't smell it or taste it... So, you'll have to try to bake them!

What you need for 24 mini cakes:

1 puff pastry (frozen or fresh)

Chocolate cream

1 egg

Apple gelatin or peach jam

Chocolate shavings

Spread the puff pastry (usually is a rectangular shape) and cut it in two parts. From this point we will work with these two parts separately. In the middle of each part put a line of chocolate cream. Fold one side without cream over the chocolate and the other part over the other two. Add a bit of beaten egg (this will seal the two layers so it does not open in the oven).

Slice the strips into pieces as in the picture, about two fingers wide. Put a little of beaten egg over the cakes with a brush and let it fall over the chocolate too. Put them in the oven preheated to 200 degrees until they are done.
Finally, when they're cold, you can make a layer of jelly or jam, this gives them a professional touch that makes them shine.




I LOOOOOVE these days! I'm so lucky to have people I love around me and time to enjoy with them. Time to relax, forget about the clock and spend sweet moments with family and friends, just  what I've been doing  this weekend and what I want to do the next couple of weeks.

Hope you are as lucky as I am, to all of you, Merry Christmas!!



Here you have an original way to reuse.
It’s sad but we have to lose some things to improve our lives. With new kitchens of ceramic and induction we can no longer use old casseroles.

This happened in my parents' house some time ago, when the old kitchen passed away and became an induction kitchen. And now, what we do with the old casserole? Well my mother has converted it in a cactus pot! 

I think it’s an original way to reuse, don’t you?




While Monica is reforming her kitchen, I've been  painting my apartment walls. I swear the next time I will get a  professional painter!
We've been doing it on holidays and long weekends.

Painting is a very hard work: prepare everything, cover windows and doors, protect locks, sockets and lamps, cover the floor and furniture, paint with a brush all over the walls angles... exhausting! And of course, once painted, remove the protections and clean it all ...!
Now, finally, our small apartment is completely white. Before (when we move into the apartment) had a soft yellow and salmon color.

And now it's time to decor these white walls with furniture.

For those who don't have enough with painting and want something different, you should know that today the choice of wallpaper is very wide.

For example, look how this paper simulates concrete walls! I find it very original.

It’s ideal for those who love industrial architecture. There are different textures, but all of them are following this trend.

Its designer, Piet Bon, said: "The result is amazing in every way. You need to touch to feel the difference with the real concrete. "

Foind it at:

Roomservice Design Gallery
Street of Angels 16
08001 Barcelona

And if you don't like this style I’m going to show you another quite different, although it’s elegant too.
These wall papers have a typographic design, combined with soft colors. They have something that evokes 60s films…

You will find information on:

In addition, this website provides many kinds of paper (like these with Mariscal's illustrations).

And also wallpapers for children's rooms!

Sources via i via







Christmas time is coming!, it’s already floating in the air. Christmas lights are on and we have already start looking for gifts. It’s the first time we put Christmas decorations in our home, because until this year we were in rent and moreover we spent the holidays in our parents home. But this year it’s a bit different and I decided to do something.

I decided to make a Christmas tree, build of lights.

I bought some warm white LED lights (180 LEDs and 13.5 meters of cable).

A piece of white tulle and removable tape.

First I cut pieces of tulle to make loops around each light, then I paste the cable with the lights and tulle on a big mirror.

The effect is very nice, because the mirror makes it look twice brilliant.

Merry Christmas to all of you!! : D


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