While Monica is reforming her kitchen, I've been  painting my apartment walls. I swear the next time I will get a  professional painter!
We've been doing it on holidays and long weekends.

Painting is a very hard work: prepare everything, cover windows and doors, protect locks, sockets and lamps, cover the floor and furniture, paint with a brush all over the walls angles... exhausting! And of course, once painted, remove the protections and clean it all ...!
Now, finally, our small apartment is completely white. Before (when we move into the apartment) had a soft yellow and salmon color.

And now it's time to decor these white walls with furniture.

For those who don't have enough with painting and want something different, you should know that today the choice of wallpaper is very wide.

For example, look how this paper simulates concrete walls! I find it very original.

It’s ideal for those who love industrial architecture. There are different textures, but all of them are following this trend.

Its designer, Piet Bon, said: "The result is amazing in every way. You need to touch to feel the difference with the real concrete. "

Foind it at:

Roomservice Design Gallery
Street of Angels 16
08001 Barcelona

And if you don't like this style I’m going to show you another quite different, although it’s elegant too.
These wall papers have a typographic design, combined with soft colors. They have something that evokes 60s films…

You will find information on: http://www.trestintas.com/es/

In addition, this website provides many kinds of paper (like these with Mariscal's illustrations).

And also wallpapers for children's rooms!

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