Hi everyone!
My name is Silvia. I love clothes, fashion and everything that is related (as a hobby, of course).
A few days ago, Mònica and Marina asked me if I would like to write a post about fashion, and here I am! 
Today  I will share with you two outfits that I've created. If you want to know the brand or the price of any item, just click on the image and you will go directly to the website.  
That's my dream wardrobe, because dreaming is free!

First one, a casual outfit. I'm looking for a pair of motorcycle boots like these!
casual look

The second one is  a night outfit. Love the black, gold and red combination.
Night Look

What have you been dreaming of?




Today's post is dedicated to Gotye. Sure you've heard "Somebody that I used to know" (if you don't,  just go ahead and play the next video), but  there are a lot of great songs in his last album "Making Mirrors".  Take a look at these videos and dream a little!

Have a good day, 



This week I went to Les plaisirs de Marie Antoinette, a little macaron shop in Barcelona city. These days ago I was wishing to find a moment to go there, between job, gym, home, friends, family…and finally I found it on Thursday.

Les plaisirs de Marie Antoinette offer us different kind of macaron flavors and colors. You can buy it for yourself or buy some for a gift, or eat it in the tables that they have.

They have two macaron sizes. You must know that this is not a cheap pleasure, it’s more than one euro each macaron…! But you must try them!

Here I let you the photos I did, and some information about the shop.

See you!



Whenever I go to a restaurant, any company or shop, I like to take business cards.  Over time, I've collected many of them and I used to keep them in a box.  I've been thinking for a while in a way to keep them organized, and  last week I  finally had an idea.  I just needed a spiral notebook of white sheets, the cards and some Washi Tape.
As you can see in the pictures, I've been sticking the cards in the notebook with the Washi Tape, a few on each sheet.  With the film  it looks  pretty. You can mix a lot of colors and its easy to attach and detach if you need to.  I think that's a  funny way to keep the cards in order and it will be  easy to find  whatever i'm  looking for.



Monday again! Today I want to share with you three  songs with different rythms so you can choose according to your mood.

First one,  a quiet song with a sweet voice for those who need some relax...

For those who need  fun and rhytm, and some dance steps...

For those who need more rhytm and more fun...

Have a nice day!



Good Saturday morning! These days I'm doing a little home redecoration.  I have not finished yet but it seems there's a light at the end. We are redecorating the largest room of the apartment.  We have laid the floor, removed all the old furniture (until yesterday we still had the old  big wardrobe), painted the walls and made the trip to the furniture store (Ikea forever). Now  there are only left to do the final touches of paint and waiting for the furniture to arrive. Well, then will have to  reorganize the entire house and put everything in its place because now there are clothes everywhere! As I have not finished and I can't show you pictures, I want to show you a little idea I have. Basically, turquoise, black and white.


House of Turquoise: Beautiful and Bold Bedroom

Have a good weekend, 



Hey, how you doing? I'm busy, so busy... I'm waiting for this month to end! But as I don't have a time machine, I have to take life with philosophy... And speaking of time machines, today I bring you one (in a video shape). Can you imagine how it was living in  Barcelona 100 years ago? I'll tell you. Bikes, elegant dresses and hats!   This was from a time when streets were intended for people, not cars.

Perhaps daily life was just better, then...




January 1 was Eli's birthday, one of my work mates. Happy birthday Eli!!!!! Yesterday, she brought  us these fantastic cupcakes.
If you want to know how to make them, then watch the video.

From: You Tube



Hi there!! Hope you had a great weekend. I've been very busy these days at work so I need some quiet music to relax when I get home.

Do you know Lana del Rey music? I've been hearing her name for a while but I never took the time to hear her music. Last Christmas I gave her a chance. Since then, the song  Video Games is one of my favorites. 

Have a great day!



Today we talk about books. I like to read. A lot. I read everyday, before going to sleep, when I travel, whenever I can.  I'm constantly reading books,  every book that falls into my hands that allow me to disconnect from my daily routine:  from Haruki Murakami to Marian Keyes,  from the Bronte sisters to Stephenie Meyer (yes, I've read the Twilight saga, and I loved it!). So you see, zero criteria. 

Now that it's clear that I'm no specialist in books, I'm going to recommend you "The Hunger Games" series by Suzzanne Collins. 


The books are placed in a post-apocalyptic world in the country of Panem. Panem is divided in 12 districts that are ruled by the Capitol. As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol, every year, one boy and one girl from each district are selected by lottery and forced to participate in the Hunger Games, a televised event, and fight until only one remains. I'm not telling more, just say that I finished the first book in two days.

And if you don't like reading, you should know that the movie is ready but you'll have to wait till march.  I cannot wait!!!!

What have you been reading lately?




Good night everyone!

Today has been a long day, but now it's time to relax. I want to talk to you about another of our wedding arrangements. It’s four months since the wedding but it seems more time to me, maybe the winter makes me think August is very far.
We decided to write the names of our guests in an old window restored by us, to all our friends and family could read which table had to sit.
Unfortunately I have no photos of the process, but I'll explain. We used the window you see on the photos to write the names, but do not think that the window was like this at the beginning! The window stood for many, many years in the living room of my parents, since they build the house more than 35 years ago.
A few years ago they took this window out to put a new one. By luck and by chance, during this time my parents had saved the window in our garage, waiting for its sacrifice to the trash or into a bonfire.

When I had the idea I didn’t remember that my parents had this window, but one day, explaining what I had in mind, my parents told me that they had it on the garage. I went to see it. It was exactly what I was looking for, but it would need so much work to transform it in what I had imagined.

This kind was manufactured by the carpenter of my town. The glass was caught to the window with a wood beveled on each side, making a frame for each glass. Of course, with the help of my father, we had to disassemble each frame with care and ensuring that nothing breaks. The glasses were colored in red and yellow. I knew that I wanted glasses totally transparent. The new glass also had to be quite thin, as were the old, to fit exactly into the holes.


With the glass out, I started working with the wood.Well, first of all I polished wood, with an electric sander that did it much easier. Then you can paint. We used white paint. Once painted, I sanded again to give the old looking that you can see in the pictures. Then we put the new glass with patience and care.
Then came an important step, to write the names of the guests. We use a special pen to write on glass. We saw that if we were mistaken it would cost very much to write out, and then my mother had the idea of ​​using a special scraper for glass, used by painters to remove stains from glass. With this instrument it was all much easier! My sister helped us to write the guests names.

The result was very, very good, even today the guests tell us they thought it was part of the restaurant, and we say no! That was our job!
Yes, it takes work, but these things make us happy!

Good night!



I want to talk you about Washi Tape or Masking Tape. It is an article so simple but so original.

This is a sticky tape, but with the peculiarity that the not sticky face is decorated with different designs. Thus, while you are wrapping or pasteing something , you are decorating.
It's still difficult to find Washi Tape here, but fortunately it’s easier every day. The truth is that Washi Tape offers lots of possibilities. I've already used it this Christmas, as I did in the envelope for my Invisible Friend.

There are infinite possibilities of what you can do with Washi Tape, you can even decorate the walls!

In the blog allwashitape.blogspot.com  you will see some examples of what you can do with this tape special, and you can buy it online.

I found it in Barcelona too, ​​in a scrapbooking store. For the address feel free to ask me.
And you can click here to go directly to the official Washi Tape web.

I leave you some examples.

Images from allwashitape.blogspot.com 

See you!



Have a great day!!



Last Christmas I made some chocolate and banana mini cakes. I found some recipe on the Internet. They used squares of puff pastry and put  some chocolate inside. I thought about changing this recipe a little, and put some chocolate and banana cream inside, instead of chocolates. I love the mixture of banana and chocolate!
The first time I tried to make these mini cakes, I put in whole pieces of chocolate and banana, but the result was not good because the pieces were solid and they gave a shape to the cakes that I didn’t want. Then I thought it would be better to melt the chocolate and beat the banana to make cream, so you can put them with a pastry bag inside the cake. It worked!
The only bad side of using  puff pastry  is that after a few hours, the dough softens.
If you want to make them you will need:
  • Puff pastry.
  • Flour
  • Chocolate
  • Bananas
  • An egg
  • Apple gelatin or peach jam.
First you have to melt the chocolate slowly, without burning. Then beat the banana until you have cream.  
Spread the dough with a rolling-pin to make it thinner. 
Before you roll the dough,  sprinkle flour on the working surface, and sprinkle it on the surface of the rolling-pin too.
Cut the dough in little squares  and add the banana and chocolate cream using pastry bags.

Carefully close the rolls as I did in the photo, the dough sticks easily with a little pressure.

Beat the egg and paint the top of the cakes.

Put them in the oven at 375 degrees. If the dough is too thin or there's too many stuff,  rolls will open. Do not worry, they are equally delicious!
Finally,  when they're cold, you can make a layer of jelly or jam,  this gives them a professional touch that makes them shine!
Bon appetit!



Foto de Pugly Pixel

Yum Yum Yum!!!  ;-p



Illustration by Mónica Carretero
Today is a magical day here in our country. Tonight the "Three kings" or "Three wise men"  come and leave us some presents  (like Santa).
Today is also a special day because it is my mother's birthday, so to keep with tradition, 
By the way, tomorrow  I'm meeting  Marina,  so you might notice some changes around here. 
Good night to you,



A few months ago I stumbled upon this video and I loved for its simplicity,  sweetness and originality.  A young soccer team that never scores a goal, but they never give up. Once again, the little ones give us a lesson, I love it! 

They  speak in Catalan (our language) but there are English subtitles.
Hope you like it!



Last week I travelled to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. We love to travel and we try to take short breaks whenever we can.

Even though people say Amsterdam looks lovely in spring,  it's charming too in winter, full of Christmas lights. The only bad thing to travel in winter is the cold weather, but hey! we live in Lleida, so we are used to low temperatures and days without sunlight.

Yeah, it's me ;-P
Some sunshine!!
We took a boat trip through the channels to see the city from another perspective, it was fun!
As in other cities of Northern Europe,  the streets were full of Christmas lights, and of course there was an ice skating rink!
Amsterdam is a beautiful city,  the atmosphere reminds me a lot of Barcelona. There was a lot of people (basically tourists) in the downtown, just like Barcelona ;-P
However, once you leave the main street behind, you can relax and take a  walk enjoying the landscape. It's a place worth visiting!

Now we are enjoying a few days at home... Happy happy!




Today is the birthday of our friend Francesc, also known as Pont, Pontsio, Simon o Cesc. 

Our personal Humphrey today turns 33!!!  So if you see him, you can pull his ears, sing him a song or whatever you like!!

By the way, if you want to see more pictures of him, here you have some.


Kisses and hugs, 

Marina i Mònica


Happy first Monday of the year!! How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? Me and my boyfriend went to spend the weekend with some friends. It was a quiet night,  enjoying the good company, listening to music, chatting and playing some games until 5 am!  We spend the next day practicing archery, it was amazing! I felt like I was Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games" (if you don't know her, she is a character of one of my favourite books, some day I'll talk you about it). It was a good way to start the new year, no?
Well, now is time to talk about music, so I'm going to show you one of the first songs we listen in New Year's eve. Surely you know this song, but take a look at the video.  To dance like them is impossible, but maybe you can try and have some laughs. We did!!

Have a great Monday and a great 2012!!!


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