Happy first Monday of the year!! How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? Me and my boyfriend went to spend the weekend with some friends. It was a quiet night,  enjoying the good company, listening to music, chatting and playing some games until 5 am!  We spend the next day practicing archery, it was amazing! I felt like I was Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games" (if you don't know her, she is a character of one of my favourite books, some day I'll talk you about it). It was a good way to start the new year, no?
Well, now is time to talk about music, so I'm going to show you one of the first songs we listen in New Year's eve. Surely you know this song, but take a look at the video.  To dance like them is impossible, but maybe you can try and have some laughs. We did!!

Have a great Monday and a great 2012!!!


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