I want to talk you about Washi Tape or Masking Tape. It is an article so simple but so original.

This is a sticky tape, but with the peculiarity that the not sticky face is decorated with different designs. Thus, while you are wrapping or pasteing something , you are decorating.
It's still difficult to find Washi Tape here, but fortunately it’s easier every day. The truth is that Washi Tape offers lots of possibilities. I've already used it this Christmas, as I did in the envelope for my Invisible Friend.

There are infinite possibilities of what you can do with Washi Tape, you can even decorate the walls!

In the blog allwashitape.blogspot.com  you will see some examples of what you can do with this tape special, and you can buy it online.

I found it in Barcelona too, ​​in a scrapbooking store. For the address feel free to ask me.
And you can click here to go directly to the official Washi Tape web.

I leave you some examples.

Images from allwashitape.blogspot.com 

See you!


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  1. we've gathered lots of great projects here! http://pinterest.com/longlegsrule/washi-tape-projects/


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