Today there are no pictures of flying people (ooooh!). But what about pictures of coloured smoke instead?

These are from Filippo Minelli's Silence/Shapes series : coloured smoke bombs exploding in nature. Chaos and landscapes. Beautiful.

All these pictures and more on his site




Looking for inspiration to decorate our house, I have found this... but there a are a millon ideas!

This is a very original drawer.

 Combine diferent table legs...

I love this lamp!

I like these lights too...industrial inspiration for our house!

I love this desk lamp on the little ladder.

This room has original details

I love the dappled pine wood, you can varnish it with different dyes and it's always stylish.

 Don't you think you can do something similar with your hands if you really try?

A nice provisional desk




You must watch this. Great song and perfect video...

Have a great week!


MOVIES: Snow White and the Huntsman

The upcoming dark adaptation of the popular fairy tale will be released on June 1st, 2012.

At first, It didn't catch my attention. I don't like Kristen Stewart too much, I think she is always playing the same character with different clothes.  And what to say  about Chris Hemsworth... I watched "Thor" (movie that I almost forgot, lucky me!) and well, he's not one of my favourite actors. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely fine with Charlize Theron ;-P  nothing bad to say about her.
The thing is that watching this movie was out of my plans... Then I saw this music video  of Florence + the Machine from the soundtrack: 

And it looks really cool!! Maybe I'm not going to the premiere, but I surely will give it a chance...

What do you think about the film? If you watch it, please leave you're comment!!

Have a nice weekend!!



We're redecorating our house. Nothing major, little changes. We're doing everything slowly, because I like to search thousand things before I decide. I leave you some pictures of an apartment in Barcelona that I love. I found the pictures on the blog French By Design. The initial article was published in the magazine Habitania a few months ago.

I think it is cozy, without cold "modern" furniture. A house full of light, simple and with personality.




Here you have some fun stuff I've found on the Internet, so if you are bored, click the link ;-P
  • Can you imagine living in an old church? I do! Take a look...
  • And speaking of homes, what about a full house designed by IKEA? It looks great!
  • Here  you have an amazing video  of a father who has filmed his daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 12 years old.
  • And  another video! Do you know Nick Pitera? He is a technical director at the Pixar studio who also happens to be a YouTube sensation, because he can sing as a man and as a woman!! In this video he plays six different roles – the heroine, sidekick, hero, chorus #1 and #2, and of course the villain.     
Have a great day!!



When I stumbled upon the Bornay website I thought life was giving me a little present. I was looking for flowers for my wedding, the bridal bouquet, decoration ... and I just found Bornay.
They’re specialized in flowers, but for me they are something more. Their creations are an art, combining colors and textures making each of his works better than previous the one. I would define it as precious.

My bridal bouquet was made by Bornay! We met Marta one evening in the Laie cafeteria, she showed us their photobook. We were delighted.
But the greatest thing of Bornay  is that they use flowers from other countries that we usually not see here.

Thanks Bornay.

687 496 462



Weird day, strange mood, different music...

And my favourite one for freak days

Happy Monday or whatever!!!




Sometimes I have the ability to time travel. A song, a familiar smell and bam! There I am.

I went to a conference the other day. They want us to think on a happy moment in our life.  A picture, a song, and I had it.

Whenever I listen to this song of Quique González, pictures of a train approaching Madrid, the sun rising and the joy  of meeting Claudia, my little sister, easily come to my mind. A happy memory ;-D

Happy rainy Sunday,



Hi loves!

Summer is closer,  that's why today I want to share with you two fresh outfits inspired on the "azteca" style.

Hope you like them!

Tribal Outfit

Angel Eye cream shift dress
£29 -

Mango denim jean jacket
£45 -

Zara shoes
$90 -

Zara messenger bag
$80 -

House of Harlow 1960 yellow gold jewelry
£99 -

$38 -

Forever 21 etched jewelry
$6.80 -

Forever 21 stone jewelry
$5.80 -

Pink Tribal

3 1 Phillip Lim sleeveless tank
£210 -

Black blazer
$130 -

AllSaints color block skirt
$275 -

J.Crew strap shoes
$98 -

Clutch handbag
£18 -

Zadig Voltaire dot jewelry
$355 -

Stella dot jewelry
$39 -

Long feather earrings
$38 -



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