If you are looking for a plan for Friday night in Barcelona, ​​I can suggest you one: Dinner at the old beer Moritz factory and dancing at the Café Royale.

In 5th Ronda Sant Pau St, you will find this old brewery recently restored by Jean Nouvel.

For the ones like me who love old factories architecture, with high ceilings and brick walls, you'll get excited in this place. In my opinion, the result of the remodeling is good considering that it has become a restaurant and night lounge. Filled to overflowing without choking sensation, it is better to arrive early to find a table, or you will have to wait at the bar.

Good things and bad things. The staff is fast and gentle. The menu is a mix of exaggerated meal, without apparent meaning, tapas, sandwiches, sausage ... dishes with nickname and no explanation... But once you have chosen food, everything flows. We drank Moritz beer, of course. We shared  four tapas for four people, and a main dish for everyone. With drink included about 20 € for person.


Upon leaving the restaurant we walked 10-15 minutes until the Plaça Reial. It had been a long time since I went there, even at night. This square has not changed so much since I went last time. Many people, many tourists, many full terraces… We are interested in entering at the Café Royale, very near to the square. Café Royal is a cozy place, with a bohemian air and a dance floor surrounded by seats resembling ancient times. It is one of those places where you feel that much of the people there are regular users. Cocktails at 10 € and gin tonics at 7 €. You will listen to jazz, funk, soul and swing, and no one will look bad at you if you go with sport shoes. The experts say that if you want see the pure Café Royale, go there on Saturdays.


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