A few months ago I found Eilen Tein‘s blog, a Finnish girl who luckily translates to English many of her tutorials. She does gorgeous projects, but one of them caught my attention: a crochet cat’s house. So I decided to try it, and this is the result!

I had done a few adventures to decipher the tutorial because it was the first time I took a crochet needle! But after trying  a lot (a lot) and with the help of my mother and my mother-in-law (they already had experience in crocheting) my project is finished.

Yes, I don’t have a cat! The truth is this house is for Nino, my friend Elisabeth's cat.

I leave you here the link to Eilen blog, if you want to take a look if you decide to try it. You can find there  very interesting tutorials.
I used a bamboo needle clothing num. 10. You will find the ribbon in Hooked. Hooked is a Netherlands trademark that sells ribbons of fun fabric and solid colors too. It’s sad for me because they not send ribbons to Catalonia, so the only way to find them here is on the DMC web, but only the solid colors…

Until now I could find Hooked ribbon in some shops of Barcelona, but now it's  being replaced by other cheaper brands that, in my opinion, are not as easy to manipulate and the project is not so well finished.
It’s important that the ribbon is elastic! Otherwise it will be difficult to make the stitches.

The door is very cute, and also I put a pink wire into the points so that it stays open and the kitten can get inside easily.


Well, if you decide to do it and have any question, feel free to ask me! ;)

See you soon!


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