I guess many of you already know the iPad mini, a small and versatile tablet that has caught the attention of many users. Now it can be found in stores with the following versions and prices:
16GB 329 €, 32GB 429 € and 64GB 529 €.

People demands became real, and the iPad mini was released as a smaller tablet, which can be hold up well with one hand and cheaper than the original.
There are many people who say that there is no real competition against Apple, but since the beginning of 2012 there are two devices that should be considered: the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. These 7-inch tablets offer an unbeatable price with excellent Android system. But Apple didn’t stay behind and released the iPad mini. It is more than a smaller version of the iPad, this is a device redesigned completely getting a really great result.

The smooth beveled side of the screen has two purposes: less metal and glass, and therefore less weight, and ensures that the screen can be touched and slid with only a finger when you're holding it with one hand.
It includes stereo speakers at the bottom that despite don't produce a perfect sound, it easily fills a small room in a very satisfactory way.  
The screen doesn’t have the pixels per inch to be considered Retina. However, the screen is still much better than many others.


Some other characteristics:
Fontal Face Time HD camera offers video recording at 720p and able to get images that reach the quality of 1.2 megapixels.
The screen resolution is the same as the iPad 2, it’s perfect for most apps.
The new Lightning connector saves space and allows faster upload and sync.
Weight is very important to choosing a tablet, because we have it many hours in our hand. In this aspect the iPad mini is very competitive in front of other tablets.
If you hold the device with your thumb over the edge, the system will not recognize the accidentally touches on that side of the screen, assuming you use your thumb to hold it. But if you touch the screen with the same thumb it will function normally.

This is the Nexus 7. And below there is a picture where you can visually compare the two tablets.



This is the Kindle Fire HD, with a photo that compares the three tablets.

Let's do a comparative table to have a more clear the difference between the three tablets.

We might say that the iPad mini is small enough to take a photo on the street without feeling ridiculous, and comfortably to read a magazine.
Hopefully this post will help you a bit to choose your tablet.
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