Another recipe for today. Strawberry tiramisú!

Some days ago we made a post about the traditional tiramisu recipe. You can find it here.

Monica told me about another tiramisu version, with strawberries. Dolors (my mother) made it on Christmas, and everyone loved it!

You’ll need for 8 people:

2 tubs of Mascarpone cheese
50 g of sugar for evey tub of Mascarpone (100 g)
1 egg yolk for every tub of Mascarpone (2 yolks)
Strawberry jam

How to do it

In 8 individual transparent bowls put some laminated strawberries so that they can be seen from the outside.

Put the sugar and the yolks in the mixing machine and mix until they look like this:

Add the two tubs of Mascarpone cheese and mix it all together until it becomes cream.

Now put some cream over the strawberries in the bowls.

Smooth the surface.

Add a little strawberry jam.

Add another layer of cream and smooth the surface again.

We use some strawberry jam and one strawberry for topping,  but I recommend put only strawberries (too much jam can be too sweet).

Mmm… delicious!


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