As I told you in my post a few days ago, my visit at Barnes & Noble in New York was very productive. Aside from the fantastic book I bought there, the “Encyclopedia of fabrics and sewingcrafts” (by Martha Stewart), I found awesome books of cupcakes, cakes and cookies. I made photos of some of them with the purpose to show them to you! The truth is that I saw super modern and original creations. You can buy most of this books on Amazon (if you aren’t lucky to go to Barnes & Noble shops in the near future).

The first one is about cupcakes: Hello Cupcake! Just look at the cover picture to have an idea of the cute​​ things you can find inside!
You can visit their website here. You’ll need some hours to see everything, because it’s full of new ideas and inspiration. They also have an APP available for mobile phones.

I leave you a quick video with an example of what you can find on the web. The book is available at Amazon.

This is also an exclusively cupcakes book. As you can imagine just looking at the book cover there're a lot of super cute cupcakes!
In this book you will find from the typical chocolate cupcakes to the most elaborate and professional. There are 100 different recipes for different occasions, illustrated with 55 beautiful full-color photographs. The author is Betty Crocker. Don't miss her website. You have this book available in Amazon.

The publisher RSVP distributes this little lovely book dedicate to cakes. The truth is that when I saw the photographs I found them so gorgeous. Yes, as you see in the picture on the cover there are 500 recipes! Do not miss it!
You’ll find it in Amazon. Ah! And if you see the publisher web you will find a long list of publications like this one but with different issues: 500 cocktails, 500 gluten-free dishes, 500 desserts, 500 cheeses ... and many more!

Next one is about cookies, from Martha Stewart. There are a great variety of recipes, and also packaging ideas and descriptions about techniques and tools. You can buy it on Martha Stewart’s website (a website that you can’t miss, there are thousands of interesting topics and projects with very comprehensive instructions).

Here's a very interesting book, it’s a compilation of gluten-free and sugar-free cakes! So everybody can enjoy these sweets without losing good taste and creativity! There are 80 recipes to inspire celiac people, those with diabetes and or just the ones who don’t want to get fat.

In Cookies Lover’s Cookbook there are 250 recipes based on a compilation of the best recipes of some American cooks. There are fantastic pictures and clear instructions on how to make each recipe. There are lots of tricks and it suggest food substitutes in case that you miss some ingredient. You can find more info on this site "GoodHousekeeping", a page with lots of content from different tendencies, not only cooking. Available in Amazon.

Cupcake & Muffins is a lovely and irresistible book with 150 recipes and with more than 300 photographs. There are simple recipes suitable for every occasion. Also gives tips for packaging and ideas to fill and decorate cupcakes and muffins. It includes complete nutritional information of each recipe. It’s available in Amazon.

Confetti Cakes it’s an exquisite book about cakes that will surprise you. On its website you can take a look at some of these precious projects. There are online classes, more books, cakes for special occasions and so many things. The truth is that there are cakes that seem so real…! They really look like real objects! It's also in Amazon.

And the last book is also from Martha Stewart too. It’s a book of pipes and tarts with lots of varied ingredients: pistachio, vanilla, pumpkin, cheese, cherry, lime, coffee, caramel, pineapple, mozzarella, tomato, chocolate, pears, apricots, hazelnuts…
Available on Martha Stewart's web.

As you can suppose they’re all in English language and I don’t know if they’re available in other languages. But you know, for more info and opinions look online. It's up to you ;)

If any of you want to buy one of them or other similar feel free to share it whit us!

See you soon!


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