If we want to personalize our homes we have several things to think of: furniture, curtains, chairs, sofas, cabinets... and we must also consider the lighting.
Many times we don’t think about lights until the end of decorative process, but the truth is that light it’s an important thing in each room or atmosphere.

Things like the size of the rooms, natural light, guidance... are basic qualities that you should look at your home.
For those who want to go further and have considered all this aspects, I want to show you two interesting items/technological gadgets.

The first one is HUE. HUE it’s a light bulb that turns on or turns off, regulate the intensity, or change color according to the taste or the intentions of the consumer.
Only with changing your light bulbs for HUE bulbs and using a WiFi device, you can send an order to the bulb. All orders are sent from the mobile phone, computer, or tablet using an application available for Apple and Android.

You can choose colors and intensities from a wide range of preferences, and even can choose the color of light touching a picture of our personal album.
It's a bit difficult to explain, so take a look at the following video and you will understand better. It’s funny to see how it works!


The second kind of light is one of those things that can facilitate you existence but you can live perfectly well without them. It’s that kind of things that we call "a whim".

It’s a light, made by Philips, (the WAKE UP LIGHT) to be placed in the bedside table. It’s connected to the phone, and it turns on very slowly in order to have a more pleasant and soft awake in the morning.

I put here some photos, but on their website you can find a video that shows the process much better!

And I let you another video.

So  now you know  how to have a pleasing awake and how to decorate your house in a thousand of different ways!


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