A few months ago, I attended to the opening of Sweet Fifties, the first american bakery in Lleida. 

Here you can see some pictures of the opening day I've found on their facebook.

I'm the one with blue shirt  :-P
Is a very comfy place.  I've been there several times since the opening and not only to eat cupcakes. They also make cakes (carrot cake is the yummiest), brownies, toasts... and you can take it away too.

Last weekend I made myself a delicious gift, as you can see...

The golden one is made of Ferrero Rocher, the pink one with little stars is made of Petit Suisse and the one in top left is made of raspberry, chocolate and cheese... They all were delicious!
In the picture you can see there's a cupcake with a blue feather. In our country it's a tradition to eat a special cake the first monday after Easter, "la Mona". It is usually a chocolate or butter cake with fruits, feathers and a chocolate egg on top.  In Sweet Fifties, have made a little mona-cupcake like this one:

Sorry for the quality of the pictures,  I left my camera and I used my phone
 (and no, I don't have an iPhone)

I must say I didn't eat the four cupcakes, I had to share them ;-P

Sweet Fifties, 
Carrer Bisbe Ruano 1, 
(open daily until  21h)

See you, 


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