Last weekend we made soap at home! We used to make  this soap at home when I was a child, but not now. I don't understand why because it is cheap and it really works!
We have been picking oil used for cooking until we had enough to make soap.

To make soap at home is not complicated, you just need:

You can do two kind of soap: liquid soap or solid tablets.
The ingredients are:

For Liquid soap (you can make about 5 liters):

- 4l water
- ½ of fabric softener
- ½ liters of strain used sunflower oil
- 125 ml of strain used olive oil
- 300g of caustic soda

For Soap solid tablets (you can make about 2 kg):

- 143 ml of water
- 500 ml of strain used sunflower oil
- 71g of caustic soda

Be careful! Use gloves and do not smell it much!

The day before, mix water and soda. We mixed it and left it until the next day because the liquids had to dissolve and cool (the soda and water mixture becomes warm at the beginning).

The next day, add  fabric softener and  oil to the mixture, and mix it all. That's it!

You have to mix it with an electric mixer once a day during 7 or 8 days in case of making liquid soap, and 3 days in case of making soap tablets.

The liquid soap can get into a container or a bottle after  7 or 8 days.

For the soap tablets you can put the mixture in a container on the second day, you'll see that it is hardening. When it’s hard, but not entirely, cut it into portions.

This is a great soap to wash clothes and a way to recycle at the same time!
Now I have no pictures of the result, but I will have them when the soap is ready.

See you soon!


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