There are places in Barcelona that make us feel that time has stopped and traditions still linger. They are treasures that I hope last forever.

Stumbling upon “Casa Gispert”, was the gift of the weekend. Walking down Sombrerers street, we arrived at number 23. A welcoming atmosphere pervades the place, where the eyes do not know where to look. There is such a variety of products exhibited. If you look at each product in detail you can spend hours there…

On their website you will find the history of this establishment that was founded over 160 years ago, the peculiarity of their old oven and the prizes they awarded.

Things you can find there: nuts, oils and vinegar, herbs and spices, coffee, tea and infusions, wine, chocolates, honey, jams, sauces, juices, cookies, nougat, salt, sugar...

 Ah! We bought raw almonds and licorice, they are delicious!

 See you soon!


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