Sometimes I think we are just like these flowers,  we just need some sunlight  to get full of energy. I'm waiting for sunny days and nice weather.
Bye bye February,  welcome March. Spring is getting closer!

And of course, a song for you ;-P

Mars Is No Fun by Camille on Grooveshark 



Last sunday we went to MERCANTIC.

Mercantic it’s a permanent market of furniture, antique objects and curiosities. Mercantic,is located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), at seven minutes from Barcelona, is the most original and unique space in the Spanish State devoted to the buying and selling of antiques, auctions and architectural demolitions.
You can find all sorts of curious objects, from furniture to industrial chandeliers.
There is also a school of restoration, a children's area, a bookstore with over 10,000 ancient books and a curious restaurant.
There are also a lot of  AUCTIONS taking place every Saturday morning. Everyone listens carefully to the moderator's instructions in this exciting onset.
This is the chance to get an incredible price, and a puzzle for valuers trying to figure out a lot's starting price before bids.

It’s a good plan for a weekend!



A little cover songs playlist for you

Versions by trudi mery on Grooveshark

Have a nice day!


BOOKS: A Song of Ice and Fire

Last Christmas, Santa who really knows me, brought me the collection of books A Song of Ice and Fire from George RR Martin.
Maybe some of you already know the story because last year the first book of the saga "A Game of Thrones" became a  TV series. 

This is a series of seven epic fantasy novels.  And you'll say "Seven books! Are you kidding?!". I'm reading the third one and I'm completely absorbed  by these books.  Magic, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill these pages. The thing is that each chapter is based on the perspective of a character, the good guys don't always win,  everyone who start off good don't always stay good and everyone who start off bad don't always stay bad.
And if you don't like reading,  I highly recommend the TV series. Here you have the promos of the first and the second season.

Have a good weekend!!



Hey, it's Wednesday! That means the weekend is closer, yay!
There's no way to make  time go faster but we can distract ourselves a little, no? Here I have two  curious videos.

I've always loved reading and even now I  really enjoy visiting a good bookstore. I could spend hours in there! I love real paper books and I hope they do not disappear in favor of other electronic devices (warning: If you ever want to give me a present, an e-book it's not a good idea).
Anyway, some magic stuff happens in this bookstore...

The next video is a funny experiment. In a city of Sweden, they decide to  transform the stairs in a giant piano. Adding a little bit of fun, most of the people decide to change their behaviour. Truth to be told, I work better with music too.

Be happy!





It's still cold outside, but not in stores! The showcases begin to present new collections,     spring colors and diaphanous fabrics.
I like to see how the consumerism is imposed and seduces us with the announcement of the good weather.

These days we can see some of the new clothes collections that we will see on the streets the next months.
Our nose is cold but we can imagine that one day spring and summer will arrive, with the heat, the terraces full of people, sandals and shorts, beach and holidays…

I wait for these days watching HOSS INTROPIA new collection, I love it!

Via: all photos are from Hoss Intropia

See you soon!



I LOVE this video, and the whole album too (specially the song "Your own spell")

Have a nice day and a lovely week!



Yesterday I found this precious illustration from Daniel Danger. Then I went to his website and I discovered the rest of his drawings, I'm delighted!
Abandoned buildings, shadows and lonely landscapes... His drawings are dark but also there's a lot of light. I love the blues and greens he uses.
Here you have a little sample of his work. Worth seeing in a larger size to appreciate the details.

What are your latest findings?




Maybe you don’t know it, but the best olive oil is done form the Arbequina olive. I am lucky to eat it almost every day, spiced in the dishes that I cook. And I'm lucky because I’m from Lleida and because I have friends as Estefania and Xavier.

This couple lives in a small village called Sarroca, near to Lleida city. From the beginning to the end, they produce a fantastic extra virgin olive oil of the best quality: PECCATUM 7.

Recent pressed, the oil acquires a characteristic greenish color with a yellow light touch, the smell reminds us almond and green grass, smooth taste with a touch of pleasant bitterness, evoking the artichoke.It's ideal to use with any bread, salads, raw foods in general, final touch to vegetables, meat and fish grilled.
The glass bottle has the capacity of 0.25 liters and 0.5 liters. There are also aluminum cans of 2.5 liters and 4.0 liters.

Glass bottles have a dispenser to use the oil directly in the table.

PECCATUM 7 is an ideal gift, not only for the positive effect on health, but also because its distinghished format.

To purchase this product please contact:
Or in web or phone 609 741 191.

See you soon!



Hi! It's Silvia again. Last week  a Siberian cold wave arrived to our country. It's really freezing out there!! So today I've created two comfy winter inspired outfits. Hope you like it!
Untitled #4

Untitled #3

By sopanormal featuring a red shawl




It’s been a long time since my last wedding post. I still have things to tell you about that day, about all the surprises we prepared for the great day!

Today I show you our invitation. Our invitation was special… it was a video! We recorded a video of us holding some posters telling that we were going to marry. It’s a simple video, but it did the effect we were expecting for, and we enjoyed doing it together. We recorded it in a park in Barcelona, a cold and grey day (we had to do it that day!). We used our CANON photo camera, that makes video too. Then Albert did the technical part and I did the aesthetic part.
The CD was inside a black cardboard. We made stickers inspired in the posters we used in the video to stick on the CDs and on the cardboard.

So this is the video and the photos of the cardboard.




Have a great day!



Hi! I’m fine! As Mònica said, last week I was ill, but now I’m ok! I’m sad for Albert’s birthday, because we couldn’t celebrate it as we wanted... but we will do it in the next days! Thank you Monica for you post about Albert's birthday! I was not a person on that moment...

So, let’s continue doing posts, right!? Today I’m going to talk you about another special store: MOKUBA. Mokuba is a threads and strips store, where you can find infinite kinds of these products: leather, macramé, cotton, elastic, all measures, thicknesses, colors, prints...infinite! I have to say that prices aren't cheap but go there anyways, you have to see it, I’m sure you will buy something.

Last thing I bought, tree leather strips in different colors to make a braid with them. The result were two precious braceletes.

Hope this is useful to you! ;)

See you soon!



Lately I've been thinking of doing some changes in my eating habits. I love cakes but when I'm craving for something sweet, I just go and buy some industrial bakery.  Last week I decided to stop buying this and bake my own cakes.

The first recipe was Marina's Yogurt cake with apple and walnuts, it's delicious!! You can find the recipe here.
This week I've changed a little  the original recipe and instead of apples and walnuts, I've tried with chocolate and banana.


1 yogurt
1 yogurt size of brown sugar (if you like it sweeter, add another size)
2 yogurt sizes of wheat flour and 1 yogurt size of rye flour (I like to mix types of flour, but  you can use all wheat flour if you prefer)

1 yogurt size of cocoa powder
½ yogurt size of olive oil
3 eggs
16 g of baking soda
1 or 2 bananas
100g of  chocolate drops

 Mix the yogurt, oil, eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa and baking soda in a bowl until it becomes a smooth paste with very little bubbles.

Add  1/2 of the mix in a lined pan. Take the bananas, peel them and cut them into very fine slices. Spread them into the bowl until it is all covered and throw the rest of the mix.
Cover with chocolate drops  and sprinkle with sugar.
Bake at 338 ºF until it is cooked.
Allow to cool for a few minutes and it’s ready to serve.

And remember,  how to know if dough is cooked? Just stuck a long stick in the dough. If the stick is dry when you remove it, it's done.
For this recipe you can leave the dough in the oven about 40 minutes, but it all depends on the depth of the mold.

Enjoy it!



Today is Albert's birthday. He is  Marina's husband, a great friend and a better person. Happy birthday Albert!!!
All the best wishes for you!


Today, two songs and two great videos from The Black Keys.




Do you want to visit a fantastic shop? Then visit Sabater Hermanos, Fábrica de Jabones.

This workshop produce handmade soaps. The place is a delight for the senses. Soaps are made ​​from all shapes and colors. In the store you will see some the samples, but they are able to invent anything.
In addition to their product line, offer personalized service through a soap shape, logo, color and perfume. To personalized products they ask for a minimum of 20kg.

Don’t you think it’s a fantastic gift? Different and original.

See you soon!



I've always thought that big cities have something magical when night comes.Today I want to share with you two videos where  music, stars and urban landscapes are combined perfectly.
The first video is from a spanish city and the backgroud music is the song  "the Rain Pauly" from Boat Beam.

This video is from L.A. and the song is  "To Build a Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra 

Sweet dreams!



New section! Today we start a new section called: Where can I find...?

In this section we’re going to show you shops where you can find specific things you’re looking for. Little treasures you don’t know where to find them. In Lleida and Barcelona we have a lot of curious shops, so we hope we this help you in your products research.

Let’s start with felt. We can find felt so many  shops, but if you are looking for a good quality material, La casa del feltre is the perfect shop. Different colors, different thickness...they have felt balls too!

Images from: Diario de una Couturier

Enjoy this place!


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