Last sunday we went to MERCANTIC.

Mercantic it’s a permanent market of furniture, antique objects and curiosities. Mercantic,is located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), at seven minutes from Barcelona, is the most original and unique space in the Spanish State devoted to the buying and selling of antiques, auctions and architectural demolitions.
You can find all sorts of curious objects, from furniture to industrial chandeliers.
There is also a school of restoration, a children's area, a bookstore with over 10,000 ancient books and a curious restaurant.
There are also a lot of  AUCTIONS taking place every Saturday morning. Everyone listens carefully to the moderator's instructions in this exciting onset.
This is the chance to get an incredible price, and a puzzle for valuers trying to figure out a lot's starting price before bids.

It’s a good plan for a weekend!


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