BOOKS: A Song of Ice and Fire

Last Christmas, Santa who really knows me, brought me the collection of books A Song of Ice and Fire from George RR Martin.
Maybe some of you already know the story because last year the first book of the saga "A Game of Thrones" became a  TV series. 

This is a series of seven epic fantasy novels.  And you'll say "Seven books! Are you kidding?!". I'm reading the third one and I'm completely absorbed  by these books.  Magic, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill these pages. The thing is that each chapter is based on the perspective of a character, the good guys don't always win,  everyone who start off good don't always stay good and everyone who start off bad don't always stay bad.
And if you don't like reading,  I highly recommend the TV series. Here you have the promos of the first and the second season.

Have a good weekend!!


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