Hi! I’m fine! As Mònica said, last week I was ill, but now I’m ok! I’m sad for Albert’s birthday, because we couldn’t celebrate it as we wanted... but we will do it in the next days! Thank you Monica for you post about Albert's birthday! I was not a person on that moment...

So, let’s continue doing posts, right!? Today I’m going to talk you about another special store: MOKUBA. Mokuba is a threads and strips store, where you can find infinite kinds of these products: leather, macramé, cotton, elastic, all measures, thicknesses, colors, prints...infinite! I have to say that prices aren't cheap but go there anyways, you have to see it, I’m sure you will buy something.

Last thing I bought, tree leather strips in different colors to make a braid with them. The result were two precious braceletes.

Hope this is useful to you! ;)

See you soon!


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