Maybe you don’t know it, but the best olive oil is done form the Arbequina olive. I am lucky to eat it almost every day, spiced in the dishes that I cook. And I'm lucky because I’m from Lleida and because I have friends as Estefania and Xavier.

This couple lives in a small village called Sarroca, near to Lleida city. From the beginning to the end, they produce a fantastic extra virgin olive oil of the best quality: PECCATUM 7.

Recent pressed, the oil acquires a characteristic greenish color with a yellow light touch, the smell reminds us almond and green grass, smooth taste with a touch of pleasant bitterness, evoking the artichoke.It's ideal to use with any bread, salads, raw foods in general, final touch to vegetables, meat and fish grilled.
The glass bottle has the capacity of 0.25 liters and 0.5 liters. There are also aluminum cans of 2.5 liters and 4.0 liters.

Glass bottles have a dispenser to use the oil directly in the table.

PECCATUM 7 is an ideal gift, not only for the positive effect on health, but also because its distinghished format.

To purchase this product please contact: simbionatur@gmail.com
Or in www.peccatum7.com web or phone 609 741 191.

See you soon!


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