Last Saturday my mother made ​​this dessert: tiramisu. Tiramisu is a typical Italian dessert. It’s sweet with a little coffee flavor.

I leave you the recipe!

What you need:

150 g sugar
3 egg yolks
3 tubs of Mascarpone cream cheese
soft biscuits

How to do it:

Put a layer of biscuits on the bottom of the tray, wet them with a mixture of coffee reduced with water.
In a separate bowl, mix the egg yolks, sugar and mascarpone.
Cover the biscuits with a layer of this mixture.
Also add on another layer of biscuits, and repeat… 'til you want! Depending on the depth of the mold you can make up to two or three layers of biscuits and mixture.
At the top should be a mixed layer on which you must sprinkle cocoa or chocolate dust. Cover well with plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator until the next day. You can eat it at the moment, but the next day will be better because the coffee has soaked biscuits and the mixture is well mixed.




I love decor and furniture. I love to find new models on internet, review great classical furniture and spend hours visiting decor stores. I like multifunctional furniture, we have to save space, not all we live in giant houses ... and then the price ... but my philosophy is that you can always get ideas to make your own versions.

Here there are some examples of pieces I like so much:

A table-pouf, really usefull!

This is a classic of 1949.

This is a chair designed by Philippe Nigro, really two in one!

A great place to sit and read a book...

I love this table for my dining room!

Original tables from Philippe Nigro.

Simple lines but beautifull!



Good morning! How was your weekend?

Over here we had a bit of everything, sunshine and rain, waiting for the cold days to come. I've tried to spend the maximum possible time away from home, you know, is what you do when you don't have kitchen! And Saturday was Juanjo's birthday, we had the perfect excuse to have a night date in a restaurant.

And  here in our country this week we celebrate "la Castanyada", so there's only three days of work this week, yay!

And to go on with the good vibes, today I take a break with melancholic music.

Last week I watch this at Mucho M ucho Bueno Bueno  blog, and I can't take it out of my head!

And this one  is just perfect!

 Bona Castanyada and Happy Halloween !!



On Saturday 6th October we went with some friends to the Susi Sweet Dress market (read more abut it here). We had lunch together and then walked a few streets of Gràcia district of Barcelona city.
It was a beautiful day, the atmosphere was nice, the place was lovely, with a vintage air that combined perfectly with the clothes on display. Many suits, shirts, belts ... Go there if you love clothes that remember past times, with classic patterns and simple shapes.

On their website you will find more information.

I leave you some peeks of what we saw there.

And here we are Monica and I, relaxed, enjoying a calm and sunny day...



I recently learned how to crochet. Nothing too sophisticated, but enough to have me quite excited. I like it and one day I hope I have time to sit with my mother and tell her to teach me how to knit... (right mom? ;)

I leave you some pictures of what I would do in the future ... when I have tools, time and experience!


As I remarked some time ago,  I'm slowly reforming the apartment where I live. From the beginning, the messiest room was the kitchen. It was outdated and needed a full makeover, but that's expensive and involves a lot of work. So I've been  spending my time in other projects, waiting for the perfect occasion and dreaming with kitchens like these.



Some weeks ago, I decided that the perfect moment never comes, and it was time to act. It seems that things start to get going, but that means now my kitchen looks like this:

Chaos. Chaos in my home and in my life.

So forgive me if these days I'm a little absent from the blog.

I will keep you updated as my kitchen evolves (hopefully fairly quickly and without surprises).




We’ve finally made ​​the punch needle course! Last Saturday we met a few fans of needle in the beautiful bar called Gilda, in Lleida city. Thanks to Flo and her lovely blog Some Chic Stuff, we could join the magical needle tutorial made ​​by Laura Ameba.
Laura explained the basics of this technique and we started practicing. She gave us a needle made ​​by Ms Wassa, the russian grandmother who taught Laura to embroider. I let you some pictures of the basic stitches.

Last night I made these simple glasses with one color to show you the stitches we practice with Laura. I was making the stitches very thick to complete the entire drawing done with pencil.

You can see the rear of the frame in this original way.

Then I cut the ends and made this "pom-pom" effect.

Finally, I cut the base to make this velvet effect.

 And these are form Monica...

We find it very addictive because you can do a thousand different combinations and stitches... and is a good relaxation therapy that can distract you from worries!

Many thanks to Laura and Flo! We hope to see you soon ;)

Marina & Mònica


A few years ago I had the pleasure of watching Maxïmo Park in concert in Barcelona. Now they have a new album,  The National Health. Here you have their newest video, recorded the day they stole a tram in Berlin and played a full live set of songs from their album. I think I prefer the acustic version (I love his voice!) but this one is nice too.

Listen to  Graffiti  and  Apply some pressure, from their older albums.

Have a great day!



For carnivores who love burgers, Barcelona city has a place to eat gourmet burgers made ​​with delicious beef. La Burg wants to escape the stereotype "hamburger is fast food" and opt for some products made from grazing cows. On their website you can read how the cows are raised, how they feed them, how they live…
Burgers have 150 grams or 200, a big piece of meat! The accompaniments are varied and delicious. There are also salads and desserts that we didn’t try because we were full!

We were four people and we chose:

Two hamburgers called "Quesos" with onion, Emmental cheese and Brie cheese. A burger called "NEW YORK" with tomato, onion, Emmental cheese and poached egg. Finally a burger called "American" with lettuce, Emmental cheese, grilled onion, tomato and bacon.
Before that we ordered two plates of chips that I recommend! They were very tasty!
All this dishes and drinks for 15 Euros/person, and the place is very cozy, take a look!

Ah, they have take away service!

Find them on:
Passeig Sant Joan Bosco, 55
08017 Barcelona
T 93 205 63 48


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