I recently discovered a brand of clothing and accessories that I’m sure it’s been  in Barcelona for a long time. I think it’s an American brand.
To me the quality of the fabric is very important when I’m searching for a garment.
I’m very sensitive to the cold, and to wear good clothes can help me in bad moments on winter. Two years ago I paid quite for a good jacket and I’m very happy for it, because the last two winters have been much hotter for me...

So I discovered this brand called MAJE. When I saw the quality of the materials I felt in love, so modern and extremely elegant. The problem is that is expensive. The concept “expensive” is relative, as it depends on the pocket and needs of the client.
There are two jackets that have stolen my heart. I did not find pictures to show you, but they are the kind I've been looking for for a long time. They are very warm for winter days, and if you want, you can remove the thick layer inside to make it lighter.
Well, let’s talk about prices. If you want to know how much do these wonderful jackets cost, sit down and read (as I said before, maybe some people would find it relatively cheap). One of them costs 475 euros (610$)  and the other 495 euros (636 $), oh my!

We have the option to wait for the sales and pray for a great reduction of price…
However, despite the price, try them on! And why should you do that? ‘Cause we are facing a brand that makes clothes that always look good! Everything is great and wonderful! Until you see the price...

At least, we always have the inspiration of these photos of MAJE, to help us find a cheaper alternative in other stores.


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