Today I want to  share with you the little gift I gave to Albert on our first wedding anniversary. Those who are planning to marry soon and like the idea, you're still on time! ;)

I don't remember very well where I got the idea, but before we got married I contacted with my fiends of Barcelonaskyline. As you can imagine reading the name, they make Barcelona’s panoramic photographs from different points of the city at different times and different colors and filters at consumer taste. They also offer the opportunity to take pictures on demand, and this is the option I chose.

I’m going to explain in more detail. A few months before the date of the wedding, I spoke with Sergio Garcia from Barcelonaskyline to make a panoramic photo of the city where we live, in the moment that we would be marring. So while Albert and I were getting married in Lleida, the place where we were born, Sergi was taking a picture of Barcelona, the place where we live.

Yes, I waited a whole year to give the gift to Albert. On our anniversary, I secretly took the laptop to the restaurant into my bag. That evening we went to the restaurant Mirablau, on the top of the Tibidabo, a little mountain in Barcelona. Sitting on a lovely terrace right next to the restaurant, with views over all Barcelona, ​​I gave him the CD and he put it on the laptop. When he put the CD he saw the picture, which was very similar to what we were seeing live at that moment. I told him to look at the properties of the picture the date and time it was made, and he saw: August 20, 2011, 18:00. And what a surprise for Albert! jejejeje! He liked it a lot. 
In my opinion, the gift he gave me was so much better than mine. I will not tell you what is because, as all couples, we have our secrets ... I will only say that it isn’t something material and it’s probably the best gift he has ever done to me.

I hope this idea will inspire you if you want to do something different, but not only for a wedding, it can be for another kind of anniversary, or a special date in your life or in the life of someone special for you.

Hope you liked it.

Here you can see some examples of what Barcelonaskyline do.


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