I'm trying to win the lottery, I think I might have a chance because I occasionally  buy it. And of course I want to win a lot of money, something like 20 million would be enough!!! Hahaha!
I guess everyone has ever imagined what would they do with so much money! 20 million have to radically change your life. Thinking of what would change in our lives is as exciting as unrealistic, and perhaps this is already the real prize, the illusion of being able to dream that someday we can do what we really make us happy.

If I were rich I would do a lot of things, and certainly I would look the world with new eyes, and then maybe look the Elie Saab dresses closer... I love these dresses, so simple lines, scoring without being tight, with just the right transparencies and colors and clothes so elaborate and high quality...

I don’t want you to think that the first thing I would do with 20 million is to buy a dress! No! There are millions of things I would do before! But don’t you think they’re spectacular! To me  these dresses are like art, haute couture that women can actually wear, without strange or impossible structures!

I give you an idea: why not take one of these designs and make it in white for a wedding dress? There are very good designers that could make your ideal wedding dress! Similar and cheaper! ;)


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