A few days ago I met a friend of mine in Barcelona and we went to taste a drink a bit different, a fruit juice. Smudy It’s a juice bar where you can taste single fruit juice, mixtures of several fruits or milkshakes. I ordered an "Astro"  made of strawberry, banana, apple juice and orange juice. I liked it! The small cup costs € 3.10 (enough for me), the middle one € 3.65 €, and the bigger € 4.65.
The staff was very friendly, and the best is the terrace on Rambla Catalunya St, which I love! It was very easy to find a place on the terrace.
They have three shops in Barcelona, ​​if you look at their website you will find them easily. Also I let here the menu where to find some of their juices.

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And after this drink, the conversation, and some time staring at the people walking in la Rambla de Catalunya, we went to Tiger. For those who don’t know it, this store is the ideal place to go an afternoon with no hurry. It’s a chain store with items for all kinds of uses. Nordic style, but very very cheap!
I used to think all Nordic it’s expensive, but Tiger is the exception.
They have objects for home, bath, kitchen utensils for cooking, games for kids, office objects, painting  tools, cyclists stuff, everything for crafts lovers... (you can see that the products are very different!). They have stores in 17 countries and three of them are in Barcelona: 247 Rossello St, 11 Ronda Universitat St and 32 Comtal St.
Their website does not show you all the products they have on the store, because they're very often renewed.

I leave some photos of the shop and a small sample of products. Do not miss it!

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