Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was a rainy one, with hot tea, rain boots, movies and blankets. Perfect! I love these days, and I also loved  this movie.

Watch it If you liked "Blue Valentine" or "Like Crazy" (and please tell me other movies like these ;-P).

It's a love story,  but not typical. There were moments when I didn't understand the characters  and some awkward scenes. Anyways, I liked this movie, especially for two reasons.   First, it doesn't end when other movies end. To me, many indie movies have no clear end, and you stay like "now whaaat?", perhaps to di
fferentiate themselves from the commercial ones, with the kiss of the couple usually after a chase (airport wedding...). So, when watching this movie I was like "This is the end,no? No, now it comes". It wasn't. Yes, this also means it is long,  but you can see something beyond the typical end.

And the second thing I loved,  two amazing scenes marked by music, "Video kill the radio star" and "Take this waltz". They say so much without words!

And I wont say more, because today it's Monday and it's time to play some music...

Happy Monday!!


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