While I was in Barcelona I decided to visit a hair salon. This is a touchy subject for me (and probably for many women). I can count with the fingers of one hand the times I've left the salon happy. And not to mention the prices... Just saying I've been my own hairdresser for a while (it couldn't last long).

The thing was I needed a haircut after the summer but, as I mentioned before, it's not an easy thing for me. Silvia told me there was an original hair salon that caught her attention and we decided to give it a try.

This way we get to one of  Anthony Llobet's English Hair Salons. Currently there are five salons in Barcelona, we went to the Gothic. What characterizes this chain of hair salons is a quirky retro decoration (you can see everywhere hairdressing and barbering antiques from around the world), their hip and fun style and great customer service at reasonable prices. 
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The first thing  that surprised us when we arrived was the feeling of being in another country. We get to hear up to 5 different languages! The hairdressers were very friendly and efficient.

If you don't like the kind of hair salon that always tries to sell you products, that charges an extra price for shampo, serum or whatever, this is perfect for you! I washed, cut and dried for 33 euros and the most important thing,  I was happy with the result!

Visit their
to find out which salon is closest to you.

By the way, they open every day, even on Sundays, but give them a call first to make an appointment.



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