You just have to watch these two videos to think, as I do, that children are totally transparent. The first video is recorded by ExperimetoComparte, a project of Action against Hunger (a nonprofit organization) who wants to show us children sharing food in a spontaneous and uninhibited way. This attempt to convey the idea that the food on the planet can feed the entire population, but unfortunately there are many people and many innocent children who die for hunger every day. So sharing is  a good philosophy.

The second video is funny as well as interesting. It's an experiment done with quite young children. Teacher gives them a candy and leaves them alone in a room. Teacher tells them to wait a little while she comes back with another candy. They can eat this one,  but if they wait, they'll have two.
They have nice and spontaneous reactions! What a long wait! Those of you who have children with this age ... what do you think they would do?

                                                 The Marshmallow Test from Bernard Appy on Vimeo.

Finally, a funny video of a baby trying to stay awake while his eyes are closing...

See you soon!


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