We’ve finally made ​​the punch needle course! Last Saturday we met a few fans of needle in the beautiful bar called Gilda, in Lleida city. Thanks to Flo and her lovely blog Some Chic Stuff, we could join the magical needle tutorial made ​​by Laura Ameba.
Laura explained the basics of this technique and we started practicing. She gave us a needle made ​​by Ms Wassa, the russian grandmother who taught Laura to embroider. I let you some pictures of the basic stitches.

Last night I made these simple glasses with one color to show you the stitches we practice with Laura. I was making the stitches very thick to complete the entire drawing done with pencil.

You can see the rear of the frame in this original way.

Then I cut the ends and made this "pom-pom" effect.

Finally, I cut the base to make this velvet effect.

 And these are form Monica...

We find it very addictive because you can do a thousand different combinations and stitches... and is a good relaxation therapy that can distract you from worries!

Many thanks to Laura and Flo! We hope to see you soon ;)

Marina & Mònica

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