New trends come from Brazil. You know that new trends begin there and come here months later. I’m a privileged girl because I have a piece of  this country so close to me, more than I ever imagined...

I have a friend that it’s my aunt too, who is from there, from Rio de Janeiro. Renata, her name, and I have in common our love for crafts that actually allows us to transform our creativity in real things. It's funny how  creating small things by our hand, renews our spirit!

In her case, if you join this creativity with a Brazilian heart and Catalan savoir-faire, the result are these fantastic necklaces.

There are thousands of color combinations, don’t you find them gorgeous!?

Don’t forget the warm weather is approaching, coats off, shirt and brown skin... these colors are flattering!
You can wear them alone or combined with any necklace that was forgotten in your drawers, and you can return them to life as new.

I ensure you that the quality is very professional.
If you want to purchase these beautiful necklaces contact:

She will answer any of your questions.
See you soon!

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