TIME FOR MOVIES: Life in a Day

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to watch this great movie, "Life in a Day" (2011).
This is a  historic cinematic experiment that wants to document one day, as seen through the eyes of people around the world.  The global community  submitted more than 80,000 videos to YouTube, showing their respective occurrences on a single day, July 24, 2010.
And those little clips of single people around the world, became this amazing film:

All the stories  are little windows in  lifetime moments of people, all so different but so similar too, images that describes us so well, with all the good and bad things of being human.

And here is the main song by Ellie Goulding, that appears in one of the most beautiful parts of the film.

A Day at a Time by Ellie Goulding on Grooveshark 



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