Good night everyone!

Today has been a long day, but now it's time to relax. I want to talk to you about another of our wedding arrangements. It’s four months since the wedding but it seems more time to me, maybe the winter makes me think August is very far.
We decided to write the names of our guests in an old window restored by us, to all our friends and family could read which table had to sit.
Unfortunately I have no photos of the process, but I'll explain. We used the window you see on the photos to write the names, but do not think that the window was like this at the beginning! The window stood for many, many years in the living room of my parents, since they build the house more than 35 years ago.
A few years ago they took this window out to put a new one. By luck and by chance, during this time my parents had saved the window in our garage, waiting for its sacrifice to the trash or into a bonfire.

When I had the idea I didn’t remember that my parents had this window, but one day, explaining what I had in mind, my parents told me that they had it on the garage. I went to see it. It was exactly what I was looking for, but it would need so much work to transform it in what I had imagined.

This kind was manufactured by the carpenter of my town. The glass was caught to the window with a wood beveled on each side, making a frame for each glass. Of course, with the help of my father, we had to disassemble each frame with care and ensuring that nothing breaks. The glasses were colored in red and yellow. I knew that I wanted glasses totally transparent. The new glass also had to be quite thin, as were the old, to fit exactly into the holes.


With the glass out, I started working with the wood.Well, first of all I polished wood, with an electric sander that did it much easier. Then you can paint. We used white paint. Once painted, I sanded again to give the old looking that you can see in the pictures. Then we put the new glass with patience and care.
Then came an important step, to write the names of the guests. We use a special pen to write on glass. We saw that if we were mistaken it would cost very much to write out, and then my mother had the idea of ​​using a special scraper for glass, used by painters to remove stains from glass. With this instrument it was all much easier! My sister helped us to write the guests names.

The result was very, very good, even today the guests tell us they thought it was part of the restaurant, and we say no! That was our job!
Yes, it takes work, but these things make us happy!

Good night!


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