Last week I travelled to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. We love to travel and we try to take short breaks whenever we can.

Even though people say Amsterdam looks lovely in spring,  it's charming too in winter, full of Christmas lights. The only bad thing to travel in winter is the cold weather, but hey! we live in Lleida, so we are used to low temperatures and days without sunlight.

Yeah, it's me ;-P
Some sunshine!!
We took a boat trip through the channels to see the city from another perspective, it was fun!
As in other cities of Northern Europe,  the streets were full of Christmas lights, and of course there was an ice skating rink!
Amsterdam is a beautiful city,  the atmosphere reminds me a lot of Barcelona. There was a lot of people (basically tourists) in the downtown, just like Barcelona ;-P
However, once you leave the main street behind, you can relax and take a  walk enjoying the landscape. It's a place worth visiting!

Now we are enjoying a few days at home... Happy happy!



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