Last Christmas I made some chocolate and banana mini cakes. I found some recipe on the Internet. They used squares of puff pastry and put  some chocolate inside. I thought about changing this recipe a little, and put some chocolate and banana cream inside, instead of chocolates. I love the mixture of banana and chocolate!
The first time I tried to make these mini cakes, I put in whole pieces of chocolate and banana, but the result was not good because the pieces were solid and they gave a shape to the cakes that I didn’t want. Then I thought it would be better to melt the chocolate and beat the banana to make cream, so you can put them with a pastry bag inside the cake. It worked!
The only bad side of using  puff pastry  is that after a few hours, the dough softens.
If you want to make them you will need:
  • Puff pastry.
  • Flour
  • Chocolate
  • Bananas
  • An egg
  • Apple gelatin or peach jam.
First you have to melt the chocolate slowly, without burning. Then beat the banana until you have cream.  
Spread the dough with a rolling-pin to make it thinner. 
Before you roll the dough,  sprinkle flour on the working surface, and sprinkle it on the surface of the rolling-pin too.
Cut the dough in little squares  and add the banana and chocolate cream using pastry bags.

Carefully close the rolls as I did in the photo, the dough sticks easily with a little pressure.

Beat the egg and paint the top of the cakes.

Put them in the oven at 375 degrees. If the dough is too thin or there's too many stuff,  rolls will open. Do not worry, they are equally delicious!
Finally,  when they're cold, you can make a layer of jelly or jam,  this gives them a professional touch that makes them shine!
Bon appetit!


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