I’m ready for  tonight's dinner and New Year’s celebration, but while I’m waiting for Albert, I’m going to show you what I did  this Christmas  to my "invisible friend".

Here, in Catalunya, we do this ritual that is called “the invisible friend”. We make a  secret gift to someone, but that someone doesn't know who gives it to him. Some days before,  people write in little pieces of paper the names of all the people that participate in the game. Then you choose a paper to know the person you have to buy a present.

This year I did a gift to Sergi, my brother-in-law. With the present, I attached an envelope with a message inside. This is the envelope I did.

In a white envelope I wrote his name with a purple marker. Then I covered the surface with Washi tape. This Washi tape is semi transparent, so the name was still visible.

He liked it so much!

That’s all! Happy New Year!!!


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