Hi! Our holidays in London have finished… we are at home, home sweet home!

London has a special feeling that makes you love the city at first sight. Romantic buildings, friendly people that want to help you even if you don’t ask them, Christmas lights everywhere, amazing shops…

The weather was good these days, not too much cold.
We moved through the city by subway (called “underground”) and bus. Metro is faster than bus, but by bus you can see the city. Do you know the typical London buses? As you see in the photo, buses have two levels, and the view on the second floor is great. 

We stayed there three nights, I think it’s time enough to see the most important things in London, but you will need more time if you want to visit museums or do other activities that take more time. For example go to the London Eye, the big wheel (18 pounds, more or less).

Here you can see me beside the typical red telephone cabin. They are all over downtown.

One of the curious things in London and all UK is that they drive on the opposite side we do! So at every crossroad you can see this “look right” or “look left”.

In parks there were squirrels waiting for something to eat, and expecting that people give to them some food. Look how one of them climbed up for my leg to catch a cookie. It was great to see it so close to me!

Jacket potatoes! Mònica recommended them to me before depart to London. It’s a typical food that you can find all over the city. As you can see are cooked potatoes covered with sauce. It’s cheap and fast to eat.

One day we went to Hobbycraft shop, to buy craft materials. There are a lot of things to see there! I bought Mod Podge and a porcelain painter pen, things that I couldn’t find in Barcelona.

If you need to know something of the city you can ask me, maybe I  can help you!



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