I see people running everywhere. Now, in addition to cars, motorcycles, bicycles and people walking, you can be run over by a  runner wearing tights and headphones running at top speed, listening "motivating" music and breathing the city car fumes. And while I’m seeing them I wonder where I lost my motivation. I've tried several times  but I've failed!

For those lucky enough to have carried this adrenaline virus, here are some accessories that are going to extra motivate you for sure.

Nike + FuelBand is a new fitness tool by Nike. The big advantage is that the battery lasts up to 10 days! It can make running much more interesting and fun.

It has an accelerometer, a sleep follower and nutrition info. It gives your challenges in synchrony with the mobile application and shares your achievements with your friends.

Watch more about it:

Fitbit, a gadget that uses an accelerometer to count steps, determines the quality and quantity of sleep and has an altimeter to measure the stairs climbed up. All data is synchronized to the web, so you can view and analyze the statistics of your goals. The price is $ 100.

Fitbit Zip from Lightshow Creative on Vimeo.

Jawbone UP is a new gadget similar to Fitbit in many ways: it has the accelerometer, the sleep follower and application of nutrition. It also has a similar cost: 129 USD.


But Jawbone has a slight advantage, you never forget it, because you always wear it on. And one of the best properties is that the battery lasts about one week.

You choose ;)


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