Some time ago I saw this craft on Internet and I thought if I ever found the right materials it would be easy to do it, and it would be fun too!. A few days ago, in IKEA and by chance I saw this pot of tiny plastic pieces. It’s a game for children, but I thought this material could be wonderful to do my craft!

As you can see it consists in decorating the charger phone cable. In my case, over time, my charger cable has changed from a bright white to a dull gray... and I wanted to give it a new look, fun and original.

With small pliers I cut the side of each plastic and put it round the cable.

The result is this. Lovely! Isn’t it?! You can make thousands of color combinations and change as often as you want. This one is very feminine, I admit it :P

But it’s obvious you can do a thousand different versions!
Now I have a lot of mini plastics! But the material is cheap and I can use it for other things.

Hope you like it and try doing it!


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