Last saturday afternoon we went to the store that Cerabella has on Borrell St. in Barcelona. I talked to you about Cerabella last week, I said I wanted to go there with Albert, we found lovely candles, we especially loved the snowballs ... But today I want to talk about a cafe that we found nearby: the Federal.
We left the car in a parking close to the store, and when we arrived at Parlament Street a bar caught my attention on the corner with Borrell St. For a moment I felt like I was in some Scandinavian country or in New York city, in one of those cozy cafes where you feel at home.

We decided to enter. Once inside I loved the decoration. I inspected every corner trying not to lose a single detail. On the ground floor there is a large table that dominates the room that is shared by customers.

White walls with a slightly crude tone and dark blue on the bar wall, on which stand the shelves of wood color and yellow, framed by the grey stainless steel kitchen and the stairs leading to the second floor in white. There are two tables more in black and teak wood, smaller and round, and a desk full of muffins of Fabulous Baking. The idea of eliminating the space bar expands the space and gives a feeling of closeness. Even with an attentive and friendly atmosphere... perfect! I can only say good things about this place.

I choose hot chocolate, It was delicious! It reminded me the one I took in a Trondheim cafe...

A huge window overlooking the street is open in the summer days and the facade becomes a bank. The Federal occupies the entire building. There is a second floor with a few tables and a terrace on the third floor, ideal for cozy breakfast beyond the Barcelona sun.

Two Australians are the owners of this cafe-bar-bistro. Before embarking on this adventure they were the owners of the legendary shop Papabuble Barcelona, where Albert and I made our wedding details! They wanted to bring to the city a kind of coffee like those they have in Sydney.

The architect, Barbara Apolloni redesigned this building that once was a children clothing store. The decoration is lovely: antique objects and young European designer’s products. The lamps are from Greypants, Mathias Hahn and Industry Hello, tables from Very Good & Proper and ceramics of Heath Ceramics.
It’s curious but Barbara Apolloni is the same architect of the flat I post some months ago. She decorated her own flat, and I love it!

They have morning’s menu (8 to 14pm) and afternoon menu (from 14pm). Salads, burgers with premium meat, lightly pasta, poached eggs and a complete brunch on weekends. They also have a variety of herbal teas, special coffee mixes from El Magnífico, organic juices, fruit smoothies, muffins and cakes.

Photos via and via / Sources: La Vanguardia and Habitania

 I will repeat!!
See you soon!

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