This is a delicious recipe: little cakes of puff pastry and chocolate cream. Pictures look so yummy, but you can't smell it or taste it... So, you'll have to try to bake them!

What you need for 24 mini cakes:

1 puff pastry (frozen or fresh)

Chocolate cream

1 egg

Apple gelatin or peach jam

Chocolate shavings

Spread the puff pastry (usually is a rectangular shape) and cut it in two parts. From this point we will work with these two parts separately. In the middle of each part put a line of chocolate cream. Fold one side without cream over the chocolate and the other part over the other two. Add a bit of beaten egg (this will seal the two layers so it does not open in the oven).

Slice the strips into pieces as in the picture, about two fingers wide. Put a little of beaten egg over the cakes with a brush and let it fall over the chocolate too. Put them in the oven preheated to 200 degrees until they are done.
Finally, when they're cold, you can make a layer of jelly or jam, this gives them a professional touch that makes them shine.



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