Today I want to share with you another recipe. This is also homemade, ecological, economic, handmade, healthy... and all those adjectives that are so good this days!

I’ll teach you how to make pineapple juice or peach juice. With only tree ingredients and a little work you will have homemade juice, packaged to last for a long time.

Let's go step by step. You need empty bottles of glass similar at the ones that are in the picture, with a size of 250 cl or 300 cl.

The proportions to make pineapple juice:

To make 25 bottles of 250 cl each, you’ll need 4 pineapples.

The proportions to make peach juice:

To make 25 bottles of 250 cl each, you’ll need 10 kg of peaches.

The preparation is the same for both types of drink:

Peel and cut the fruit. Put it in a pot. For every kg of peel fruit add 3/4L of bottled water and between 100g and 150g of sugar (it’s up to your taste).

Let it boil slowly during one hour with the pot covered.
And we have the juice made! Now we have to remove the pulp.

Remove the juice and pulverize the pulp until it is very thin. Join this with the juice again. Then strain this mixture. The result is the juice without pulp but with texture.

Put the juice inside the bottles and close the lid. In order to preserve it for a long time, fill a pot of tap water and dip in the bottles. Let it boil for a minute and take them away of the water.

Et voila! Easy, right? I hope you try to do it, it's worth it!

See you soon!


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