Last Saturday we picked some olives from my parents house garden. From many years ago there are three trees bringing fruit every year: arbequina olives. Arbequina is a typical olive of our land. My Dad puts them in salted water so that they can be eaten within a few months.
I'll tell how to do it:

The olives have to be picked up these days, preferably in old moon.
Put them on water during 9 days (can be tap water), changing the water every day.
The ​10th day put the olives in jars. Mix bottled water and salt. The ratio is: for every kilogram of salt, 8 liters of water. Separate 3 liters of this water and heat it until it is little warm and mix it with the salt. This  way salt will get dissolved better and faster. Once melted, mix it with the rest of the water and fill the jars. At the top of the jar put a sprig of thyme. Close the jar and do not open it until Easter.
If you like garlic olives, place one or two cloves of garlic in half in the jar among the olives.

It's easy right? Just willingness and patience 'till Easter! ;)
Bon appetit!


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