Today we talk about flowers, bouquets and Bornay!

I love flowers, especially peonies, in all colors. It is the most beautiful flower in the world! It’s very difficult to make them grow up, but really worth it. Now we have a peony plant on the balcony and we're waiting anxiously for  May to come and watch it blooms.

I let you two videos. The first one teaches us how to make a bouquet mixing typical garden plants with other beautiful flowers (carnations, I think). Makes a nice effect, don’t you think?

The second one is a promotional video of Bornay. I've already spoken to you about Bornay on the blog. They made my bridal bouquet (which I consider gorgeous!). They have a completely different concept of floral decoration. We are lucky to have them close, in Barcelona. Please, visit their web where their creations are exposed! This weekend I saw one of their works in the hall of the hotel W Barcelona, and it's amazing!

Bornay regularly organizes workshops for those who want to learn the basics of this art. Those who are interested in attending, please go to this link that gives you more info.


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