For the running fans, I bring you a compilation of the most crowded and fun racings. They are all sited in the U.S.,  a good reason to travel there!

It doesn’t matter if you like running or not, The Color Run can be a great experience to share with family and friends. The idea is simple, riders must wear a white t-shirt, and during the route colored dust is sprinkled over them.


Every kilometer has a color: the 1st km is yellow, 2nd km is blue, 3rd km is green, 4th km is pink, and finally 5td km is "Extravaganza" color.


In addition, hikers and runners can get closer to some special areas where volunteers and sponsors sprinkle them with different dust colors.


So what are you waiting for?! Oh, and don’t forget your camera!

The Mud Run  is an obstacle course quite attractive to share with friends. But The Ultimate Mud Run goes further: it gets in complete and deep darkness.

However, the 25 obstacles are illuminated with neon lights, as well the way is indicated with fire and with quite innovative lightings.

The Hot Chocolate 15K race has a final prize. After running the 15 kilometers, a chocolate fondue, hot chocolate and chocolate products from different sponsors will be waiting for you. Mmmm ... Chocolate!

Held in the "Land of Oz", AKA the Garmin world headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, is the Oz Marathon, a wickedly fun race through the streets and trails of eastern Kansas.




You can dress yourself with the Cinderella dress and Pocahontas braids to run the Walt Disney World Marathon. Once you win, you may be so lucky as to receive a Micky Mouse or Donald Duck Finisher Medal!

And if you're looking for a race for adults, Disney offers you the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, a race through Disney parks that ends in an exclusive after-hours coinciding with the International Wine & Food Festival.

Lululemon is a great brand of clothing and footwear, which organizes the SeaWheeze, a half marathon sited in Vancouver. It’s not just a race, because it lasts all day. Start practicing yoga at sunrise, then the half marathon, a shower, and a concert. Finally a new session of yoga.



And finally, the North Pole Marathon. It runs entirely on frozen water (of the Arctic Ocean).

Well, I hope you decide to travel and run if you like!


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